3 Favorite Deviceless Dowsing Techniques

Written by Nigel Percy

Deviceless Dowsing

There are many deviceless dowsing techniques. If this subject interests you, then you will want to take a dowsing course that covers it. In this article are 3 favorite methods of dowsing without a tool. They are easy to learn, and they are wonderful to use in public, as no one can tell you are dowsing.

Deviceless dowsing uses your body to get a yes or no response. Most people find that certain methods of deviceless dowsing work better for them than others do. These three methods are sure to offer you at least one that you are able to get a good response with. Don't be discouraged if all of them don't work equally well. Pick the one you like best and begin dowsing with it. Later on, you might want to try another method.

Method #1: The Body Sway

The body sway is one of the most reliable and easiest deviceless techniques. Because it involves the whole body, it is also less subject to false answers. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Relax. Have your back straight, but be comfortable. Closing your eyes will enhance the response.

Start by asking your polarity question, which you already know the answer to. Be sure to just be curious about what your body will do. I was born in Washington, DC, so I would ask, “Was I born in Washington, DC in this life?” When you ask the question, you can say it out loud or silently in your head.

Usually, being pulled forward is yes, true, and healthy for you. Being pushed back is usually no, false, and unhealthy for you. So I would drift forward when I asked my polarity question.

If you went backwards, your polarity may be flipped. Read the post on Pitfalls in Dowsing and fix it before doing any more dowsing.

Next, ask a question about a place you were not born. For me, I could ask, “Was I born in Paris, France in this life?” That will give me the opposite response and establish my ‘no'.

Sometimes people get a response that is not a forward or backward, but instead is to one side or the other. It may be that if you get an unusual response, you are being asked to rephrase the question, ask another question, or being told the question is inappropriate. With practice, you will be able to interpret other motions.

We have found that at first, people sometimes only have a slight response. That's OK. Any response is good. With practice, you will maybe find that your really strong yes answers pull you forward faster and harder than weak yes answers.

This method is reliable and easy for most people to use.

Method #2: Blink Dowsing

This is a personal favorite of both Nigel and me. We began to use this a lot when working on the phone with clients, because we needed our hands free. We liked it so much, that we rarely use a tool anymore. This is the most unobtrusive deviceless technique, but not everyone finds it easy to do.

Soft focus your eyes and look at a blank area of the wall. Relax. Think or say your polarity question, the one about your birthplace. Notice if your eyelids blink or not. Maybe they blink twice. If you are not sure that the blink was a dowsing response, ask the question again. Whatever your eyelids did was your ‘yes' response. I get a single blink for ‘yes'.

Then ask a question putting in a place you were not born. This will establish your ‘no' response. I get no blinks for ‘no'.

The important thing is that you have a clear difference between ‘yes' and ‘no'. Once you establish which is which, you can begin to dowse.

With blink dowsing, sometimes just a strong feeling of needing to blink is a ‘yes'. Also, you are continually blinking, so if you are uncertain if your blink was just a blink, ask your dowsing question again.

Method #3: Finger Rub

Believe it or not, the ridges on your fingers will change when you are dowsing. Usually, a ‘yes' response will make the ridges more prominent, while a ‘no' response will make them smoother. So you can use this to advantage when dowsing in a number of ways.

Rub your index finger and thumb together gently to establish a baseline. Notice how smooth or rough the skin feels. Recently washing your hands or putting a skin cream on may make this type of dowsing a bit harder.

Now ask your polarity question about your birthplace. Notice any difference in how rough or smooth the skin feels when rubbing the fingers together.

Next, put the wrong location in your polarity question and notice the difference. Usually, a false location will give a smoother feel, while a true location will feel rough or sticky.

This method can be used in a number of other ways as well. You can just gently rub your index finger on your jeans or a tabletop if you wish.

Deviceless dowsing is easy to do anywhere. It is unobtrusive. It requires no tools. You can begin to dowse immediately. One of these methods should work for you. Happy Dowsing!

Which deviceless dowsing technique is your personal favorite? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


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  1. cdalesandry@gmail.com

    The most profound was the leaning method. Very very strong.

    • Nigel Percy

      Glad you found that it worked for you! Most people are able to get some sort of response using this method, but not everyone gets a strong response.

  2. Lokendra

    the leaning technique and the blinking one…both worked for me !!! thanks you so much

    • Nigel Percy

      Glad you found them useful!

  3. Nancy Nurse

    Can’t find a difference with the finger rub… and the blink either takes too long for a blink or doesn’t work at all. Bummer!

    • Nigel Percy

      How about the body sway? Also, it can take a little practice to get the finger rub to work consistently and you have to have clean, dry skin to do it with no oils at all. Do let us know if you get one of these to work!

  4. Nancy Nurse

    Nigel, I appreciate your rapid response… but, I’ve been trying since October to learn to do M.T. and I just can’t get it to work… the sway test may or may not work, but the other ways (I’ve tried about 10 different ways or more) most of the time, I get a YES for YES and a YES for NO…or the opposite… I can actually “make it answer whichever way I want”. I understand you have to be hydrated and to “allow” the answers to come from a Divine Source, but for some reason, it just doesn’t want to work for me and I am soooo discouraged. I am working on “finding answers” (spiritually) and without being able to M.T., it really makes it so much more difficult. I understand you can use your own intuition etc, but I really really want to M.T. so I can get my light score etc.. Thank you for listening, Nigel

    • Nigel Percy

      There are several possible reasons for the problem. First, it might be that you have past life issues about doing anything like this. In which case, you should find and address them. Second, it could be something to do with the questions and the way they are being formed. Thirdly, it could be a matter of not being able to be in that remote, unattached mental state or not being able to maintain it long enough. It might help to use some of the techniques on issues which are of no real consequence but are of interest to you. Things like how many people wearing red you will see in the next hour. Or which film you would enjoy most from the ones currently on offer. In other words, practicing the technique on things which are not filled with emotional weight.
      There may be other possible reasons, but those are the ones which come to mind first.
      Good luck!

  5. Nancy Nurse

    Dear Nigel,

    You are so kind to give such wonderful insight. Thank you for that. On the blink test… I “think” it’s working, but the “no” blinks don’t necessarily come together quickly – is that just practice or am I doing something wrong?

    Many thanks,


    • Nigel Percy

      That sounds about right. Not everyone gets swift responses to begin with. In fact, if your ‘yes’ response when blinking is a series of blinks, it might be that your ‘no’ is simply no blink at all. Take your time and find out. But you’re definitely on the right track! Yay!

  6. Margaret

    I have found, with my right hand fingers resting lightly on something, that my index finger will make several moves or twitches for a yes and press down slightly for a no. Seems to work for me and is very simple and usable anyplace and anytime.

    • Nigel Percy

      Those sorts of body responses are really useful. Glad you found what worked!

  7. Kathy

    Never heard of the Blink Test before. I had a lot of fun trying it out today. Thanks! Do you have social sharing buttons that I can’t see? I would love to share this article.

    • Nigel Percy

      I’m so glad you got it to work for you and, yes, the share buttons should appear on the left margin of the page for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

      • Kathy

        Thanks Nigel, just needed to use a different browser to see the links.

  8. Tracy Pike

    I’m trying to get into some treasure dowsing. Members of my family used to dowse years ago back in the 1960’s. I’ve seen an elderly 2nd cousin use the “7 silver dimes/coins in a tobacco bag” over an Indian grave…also the short, straight notched copper tube rods. An uncle who was a doubter turned out to be proficient in hunting a water well location, but he rarely did it. He used a willow branch. Another cousin used long brass rods, single & double L-bent to gauge depth & direction. He used contact points on the straight rod such as a gold ring on his finger & a gold piece or nugget taped to the end of the rod. I learned to use the leaning method to determine healthy food choices in a health food store 40 years ago. Glad to be reminded of it. The finger rubbing blows my mind. I will be using this more often! I’m also going to be practicing with a willow branch-type of the coat-hanger wire because I think it will work good for me. Time will tell. I want to get proficient at marking locations on local & area maps since I live in a rural area with lots of stories of buried & hidden treasure.

    • Nigel Percy

      Sounds like you have family resources to lean on here! Good luck to you in your search for treasure.

  9. Nick Rowe

    I found the blinking tek is so far working pretty well. My blink happens quickly and means yes!

    • Nigel Percy

      That’s good to hear. Glad it helped!

  10. thomas

    I do not use the three methods of devicless dowsing
    instead I look at a blank space and ask a question,
    I can then see the answere to my left is a yes and to my right is a no
    I do need to perfect this in some way as the pendulum seems better
    I would wecome comments

    • Nigel Percy

      It seems a little like blink dowsing in that you are not deliberately looking at anything. Someone I knew saw a little man in his mind either nodding for a yes or shaking his head for a no. A water dowser simply held his hand outstretched as he walked until he got a sensation in it which told him there was water beneath. In other words, there is no right or wrong way to dowse. The only thing which really counts is whether this method works well for you. If you can be consistent and accurate that is great. If so, then a pendulum wouldn’t improve anything.


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