About Nigel & Maggie Percy

Us-640x480We admit it. We're Dowsing Geeks. And that's good for you, because we know all about dowsing and are going to share it with you.

We're Nigel & Maggie Percy of Sixth Sense Solutions, and we've been dowsing since before the turn of the century. We not only dowse all the time; we talk about dowsing all the time; we discuss dowsing ethics and new techniques; we argue the best way to form a good dowsing question on a topic; we discuss what we think goes on when you dowse and how dowsing fits into the process of becoming fully human. That may sound boring to you, but it's made us world experts in dowsing.

Our passion for dowsing and our talent for writing, speaking and presenting on dowsing subjects led us to start our business so we could share dowsing with the whole world. We excelled at coaching and teaching dowsers how to become more accurate and use dowsing to improve their lives.

If you want all sizzle and no steak, this isn't the place to visit. We specialize in dowsing that can change your life in obvious, measurable ways.

If you want to learn how to focus your natural intuitive sensing abilities through dowsing, this is the best place on the web. We have more tools, more experience and more practical knowledge than just about anyone else. You can learn to master real dowsing here. Join us.

Both of us LOVE to write, and we're excited that our books are hitting #1 on Amazon! We are adding new books regularly, and we do our best to keep prices reasonable. We write books about dowsing (duh!), but we also write on other subjects. We even write fiction novels!

Visit Sixth Sense Books and sign up for free membership to be notified about new books and discounts. You can see all our books there with links to all major retailers.

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Us-headshot-equal-height-closeHow we met would make a great movie! We met in the year 2000 at the American Society of Dowsers dowsing discussion group online. Although Nigel was in the U.K. and I was in Arizona, we soon recognized how much we shared, and I went to the U.K. to meet, and later marry, Nigel. It was so great to partner up in our dowsing business!

We passionately believe in the power of dowsing to change life for the better. We've used dowsing for years to help ourselves, our pets and our clients. We know it can help you!

Dowsing is a natural human skill that can get you answers to any question. That makes it the best problem-solving method you could ever learn.

We love to teach, and since dowsing is our #1 passion, it was a natural evolution to find ways to share dowsing with as many people as we could. We want as many people as possible to have this amazing tool.

Maggie and Nigel PercyWe had ‘regular' lives before we became dowsers. Maggie spent a lot of years working as a research scientist and inspector for NASA, and Nigel spent 20 years in education.

Maggie's degrees are in Biology, and she comes from a strong scientific background, although she found that research strengthened her intuitive faculties.

Nigel's degrees and experience in history, computing and philosophy likewise favored the left brain and the rational.

We both came to dowsing later in life. Dowsing isn't like some psychic ability that you have full-blown from birth. It's a skill that you can master at any time in your life, just like we did.

If you love dowsing, we would love to share our experiences and expertise with you.

There's nothing like bringing a lot of dowsers together for fun and learning. We've been blessed to participate in many events:

  • As keynote speakers in 2010 at the Canadian Society of Dowsers' annual convention
  • Several times teaching advanced dowsing workshops and making presentations at the American Society of Dowsers SW Regional Convention
  • At the ASD West Coast Conference
  • At many ASD Dowsing Chapter events.
  • We have enjoyed teaching a lot of workshops in Arizona on a number of topics

Sedona, AZ at Verde Valley ASD ChapterWe have the most fun doing events online that attract people from all over the world. In 2012, we launched the first annual Dowsing World Summit. Over 3800 people registered for the event.

The 2013 Dowsing World Summit had 12 speakers training in how to use dowsing to improve health: physical, relationship, emotional, financial.

The 2014 Summit had more speakers, including Sonia Choquette, to help you develop and understand your intuition better.

In 2015, we redesigned our annual event based on audience feedback and created the Dowsing Tribe Extravaganza, a day-long event with mini-workshops, contests, drawings and demos. For the first time, we did the event in video format. And attendees got recordings of every session!

Since we've retired, we devote most of our dowsing passion to our online community of dowsers and intuitives, a great group of people from all over the world. The Discovering Dowsing online course community contains three comprehensive levels of dowsing training, but it's way more than a dowsing course. Our online community has social features and the ability to post and share your stories (about both dowsing and other intuitive methods) with other members, connect with them in a private and secure environment and get the support you need and want as you learn to use your intuition, whether as a dowser or in using other intuitive methods. We understand not everyone pursues dowsing with the intensity we do, but everyone should have a safe, supportive environment to explore their intuitive abilities and learn to use them to enhance their life experience. We invite you to join us in our online community if that goal resonates with you. See details by clicking this link.

Welcome to the Dowsing Tribe!