The Alphabet


Written by Nigel Percy


Only 26

There are only 26 letters in the English alphabet. Yet, despite that small number, the combinations are endless.

You can write anything you want with them…anything at all. From complete gibberish to epic novels, love poems and adverts.

We only have five senses, but we can do so much with them. Just as with the alphabet, we can choose precisely what we want to ‘tune into'. We can listen to what we want. We can look at what we want. We can hear what we choose to hear and taste what we want to taste, touch what we want to touch. And that is so much!

Such a vast range of experiences are available to us.

The alphabet is just the start!

If we can create what we want with only 26 letters, then we can also choose exactly what we want to be in our experience.

And dowsing can help fine-tune that focus. With dowsing, we can tune into whatever part of ourselves, the universe, whatever it is we want to. It's tempting to call it a sixth sense for the very reason that, like the main five senses we all have, dowsing gives us access to so many possible experiences.

Many people use dowsing in one small area of their lives. It's like deciding to look only at fruit and nothing else. There's a whole vast array of wonder awaiting the dowser. All that's necessary is to decide that you will take an interest in it, begin to investigate it.

Where you go with it, what you do with it, is, of course, up to you.

Just like the alphabet can give us so much information, entertainment and allow so much expression from such a narrow range of things, so dowsing can open up so many new areas in our lives just by doing something so simple.

How do you see dowsing? Like an extra sense or as something else? Share you thoughts in the comments section below.


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