Are You Dowsing the “Man in the Mirror”?


Written by Maggie Percy


A Big Mistake

Most dowsers are taking the wrong tack. And they are not getting lasting results. The reason is simple: they aren't doing self-work.

We've done the same thing. It's like an addictive way of thinking. It's a viewpoint that will take all the power out of your dowsing and leave you doubting it's worthwhile.

The viewpoint that's poisoning your dowsing results is even being taught by some major gurus. They tell you how empowering dowsing is, then they show you how to use it to change the outer world: corrupt politicians, unpleasant neighbors, toxic water, noxious locations.

This is the wrong way to use dowsing. By wrong, I mean it won't work. You'll spend all your time trying to change your life by dowsing about what's ‘out there' and trying to change it. And the results won't last. It's like being on a treadmill.

The alternative is self-work

Instead, use dowsing to work on YOURSELF. Everything ‘out there' is merely a reflection of the inner you. Change yourself and you change the world.

Most people (including us) find this challenging. Change ourselves? Doesn't that mean we were ‘wrong' or ‘bad'? Change is scary! It's much easier to work on the outer world. But that doesn't change things for long. So it's a waste of time.

One quote says ‘be the change' you want to see. A popular song says ‘I'm looking at the man in the mirror…if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself…and change'. As dowsers, we have the ability to do that. That doesn't mean it's easy or fast. But if you do the self-work, the work on yourself and your viewpoint, the outer world will change.

Do you agree with this outlook, that self-work is the most important thing you can do with dowsing? Put your thoughts in the comments section below.


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