Permission: It’s Not About the Words!

Written by Nigel Percy

Wha's The Problem?

Let me illustrate the problem surrounding permission and dowsing. Imagine you are sitting comfortably in your room, watching some TV maybe. Or perhaps you're more into reading. You live in a nice neighborhood where you don't have to be paranoid about locking doors.

You hear a noise in your kitchen. Nothing big. Just a noise. But it bothers you just enough to go and see what it is.

You open the door and there is your neighbor from two doors down standing in front of your open fridge, helping himself to that smoked cheese you were saving for later. He nods at you because he can't say ‘Hi', due to his mouth being full of the cold roast beef of yours he's munching on.

In his pocket he's got a jar of your pickles and the other half of the loaf of bread that you started on this morning.

You feel invaded, insulted and abused all in one. You hurl him from your home, stripping him of as much of the foodstuffs as you can.

As he tumbles on the lawn, he looks confused. ‘What did I do wrong?' he asks. ‘Your door wasn't locked. I opened it and I looked for you in the hallway. I assumed you wouldn't mind. You should have stopped me if you didn't want me inside. And the food was there. You weren't eating it. What was I supposed to think?'

What counts as permission?

Permission is not about the words. It's not about simply asking. And it's not about the actions, either. It's about the intention and the ethics of the situation. To take a closer look at dowsing and permission, this book is the only one which talks about this subject in any depth.

It boils down to this: Don't go where you're not welcome and don't poke about into what isn't yours when you're there.

In fact, let's make it even easier. Permission is verbal permission from the person you are dowsing about. Without them agreeing to it, you are acting like the neighbor in the example; charging in and taking what you want. And, if you are saying that you don't take anything, the mere fact that you are invading someone's space without their express permission is just as bad.

This is one of those topics which always seems to raise debate. Please share your views in the comments section below.


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