The Bare Bones Of Dowsing

Written by Nigel Percy

Are You Confused?

People can become very confused about dowsing, about what it is, about what can be done with it.

There are all sorts of ideas about dowsing floating around, some of which are strange and most which are just plain wrong. I'm not even talking about those people who scoff at it and say that it's all bogus and that dowsers are fooling themselves and everyone else. Those skeptics are quite happy with their misconceptions and I have no wish to disturb them.

So let's get down to the bare bones of dowsing, what it is really all about. It's supremely simple. Ready?

(Actually, before divulging the secret of dowsing, I should say that it's the problem people have with dowsing is because it is so darned simple!)

The secret of dowsing is this…

Dowsing is nothing more than the process of being in a receptive and focused mental state, asking questions and receiving yes or no answers to them.

That is it in its entirety!

No mention of any tools, Nothing about guides and angels. Nothing about healing. Nothing about intention. Nothing except the very simplest of things. Three of them.

ONE: Get into the proper mental state

TWO: Ask the clearly worded question

THREE: Receive the answer

Anything else anyone adds into that is usually unnecessary. You don't need tools to dowse, although you can use them. You don't need charts, but you can use one. You don't need protocols, but you can use them. You don't need anything else, with one single exception. It's not psychic. It's not channeling. It's nothing more than questions and answers in the right frame of mind.

Ethics. You have to be ethical.

And that's the bare bones, the secret of dowsing.

Told you it was simple!

This is what the secret of dowsing means to us. But it might mean something different for you. If so, why not share it in the comments section below?

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