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Written by Maggie Percy

The Popular Tool

If you don't know much about dowsing, or you've never dowsed before, or you've never taken a class, the chances are you will start out to learn pendulum dowsing. It's the most popular tool of all and comes in so many shapes and sizes and with different weights and with gems and semi-precious stones that it's hard to know where to start. Plus, of course, there are those which are made out of plain metal or just wood.

So, if you want to learn pendulum dowsing, where do you begin? What's the best pendulum to use? How do you hold it? Will it work?

These are all normal questions that beginners have when they start to learn pendulum dowsing. And they are all good ones, and they all have pretty much the same answer (except for that last question!). The answer to the other questions is, ‘Whatever works for you'. And for that last question, about whether it will work for you, that will be answered as soon as the pendulum moves.

Learn pendulum dowsing: The basics

Probably the most important thing to learn is that you don't have a great long string to the pendulum. Keep it short (about a couple of inches). Way too many dowsers start out with a great long length of string or chain dangling from their finger and then spend ages waiting for anything to happen. So the second thing is, pinch the string or chain between the finger and thumb, don't hang it over the index finger.

And finally, the third thing is to keep the pendulum moving! Don't have it dangling and still, make it move so that it can change quickly to a yes or a no.

All of these points are demonstrated clearly in this video about pendulum dowsing.

One of the simplest pendulums you can make (and one of the nicest in terms of response) is a three-quarter inch nut on the end of some dental floss. Sounds strange? Try it and you'll see for yourself. It's a great way (and very cheap) to learn pendulum dowsing.

Did you learn pendulum dowsing first of all? What were your first experiences like? Did it work for you from the very start? Share your story in the comments section below.

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  1. Carmen Morales

    I just got mine and been using it and it gives me an answer and when I say ok it stops I keep asking n doing this at I doing good so far I have tested people I don’t know from other parts of the world and they said I am right

  2. Venkatesh

    I have not gone to any of class but my friend advised me to dowse I am using from past 15 days no improvement could u suggest me how to get succeed

    • Maggie Percy

      Please explain what you mean by ‘no improvement.’ Are you unable to get accurate answers to your dowsing question? Are you using a tool? Does the tool move to indicate an answer? If you give me details, I will offer advice.

  3. Manish Gaur

    It gives me those answers thai i know already.what should i do now,pls help me.

    • Maggie Percy

      If I am understanding you correctly, this is what I suggest:
      1. Never ask questions you already know the answer to. Dowsing is for finding answers to questions your rational mind and simple logic and research cannot give you. For example, if you lose someone’s phone number, don’t dowse it. Find it rationally. Google for answers that you can find on google. The only time asking a question you already have the answer for is appropriate is when you are checking your polarity. The reason being, you need to see if your polarity has shifted, making your ‘yes’ a ‘no’ and vice versa.
      2. If you think you know an answer or want a certain answer to be true, that will affect your dowsing. Dowsing is not meant to support your rational mind or guesses. It is meant to give you answers. And that means you have to want the truth. Detachment is vital for accuracy. See our other posts on that topic.
      3. Dowsing is a skill. Don’t expect to be good right away. You need to learn proper technique, as you would if you want to play a piano or swim. Then you must practice. Be patient and persistent and work with us, and you will master dowsing.

  4. william c deangelo

    I’ve used metal dowsing rods to find water lines in underground electrical since I was a kid I’m 62 now. someone told me it was a gift so now that I’m kind of into metal detecting I thought maybe I could use my dowsing abilities to narrow down Map sites with a pendulum and then search with the metal detector to confirm.

    • Maggie Percy

      That sounds like a plan! I would beg to differ in that dowsing isn’t a gift so much as a natural skill that one can hone and use in all kinds of ways. Finding water or underground pipes and such with dowsing is probably easier than learning to use dowsing to find treasure, lost objects or dowse about health. If you are finding you are 90%+ accurate, then go for it. If not, then training in dowsing using our course would be a good investment.


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