Body Dowsing


Written by Nigel Percy


Body Dowsing

Body dowsing is perhaps the most natural dowsing technique, as it requires no tools. Considering that dowsing is a natural human ability, then it makes sense that using the human body itself is the best way of experiencing dowsing.

In body dowsing, the dowser uses his or her body to provide the answer. Instead of the movement of a pendulum or the motion of an L-rod or other tool, the dowser learns which particular body movement is giving the answer.

It should be obvious that this is not a new technique or a new twist on dowsing. In fact, there are many documents recording how various dowsers have used their body to help them gain answers. Most notably, several water dowsers, incredibly successful ones at that, would have specific body responses. For example, one dowser would walk with his hands held out in front of him and wait for a tremor to show him the place to drill a well. Another, when younger, had the more extreme reaction of fainting over water sources until he was able to control the reaction better. Certainly, it was body dowsing, but there are other ways of doing this.

As I said, this is a technique where the physical response is all-important. But, before you begin to think that this is going to be too hard for you to do, you need to realize something.

What you need to realize is that you already are doing this yourself now, without any help. I'm not making this up. Think of the times when you've had a feeling that you don't want to go into some place, or you enter a room and you just know there's been an argument in there just before. Or, you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach about what to do in a certain situation. That gut feeling.

All of those things are your body giving you messages about something. Something good or bad or to be wary of or to look forward to. That's what body dowsing is.

Now, the only difference between what happens to you and what happens when dowsers get a body response is that the dowser has asked a specific question which has a yes or a no answer, plus he or she knows which body response to look out for. For some people, it's a twitch in the hand, for others it's a feeling at the back of the neck. It could be a tightening of the shoulders, a blink of an eyelid or a weak feeling on one side or the other. The point is, the dowser, by experimenting, has discovered what works best and is the most reliable method.

It doesn't require you to train your body to give you the answer. Your body has always been doing that for you. All it requires is learning how to ask good questions and then being quiet inside to let the answer come to you.

That's body dowsing.

Happy Dowsing!

Do you use body dowsing? If so, how do you get the answers? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments section below.


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