Chapter 1: What Is Dowsing?

Written by Maggie Percy

What Is Dowsing?

“What is dowsing?” is the most common question we have heard in the combined 30+ years we've been professional dowsers. It's also the best place to start your dowsing journey. There is a lot of confusion about what dowsing is and what it is not. So let's start by setting the record straight so that you understand exactly what dowsing is.

Dowsing is a way to get answers to questions you cannot answer rationally. What does that mean? Old-time dowsers would search for where to drill for water. You can't know where to drill using only your rational mind. You'd have to guess. So they used dowsing, an intuitive method that gives you answers to questions you can't answer logically. Good water dowsers are usually correct over 90% of the time when they dowse a location for a well.

Dowsing is basically a search; a search for answers. You can be asking any question: “Where's the water?”; “Where's the gold?”; “Where are my lost keys?”; “What's the best car to buy?”; “Is this person a good marriage partner for me?”.

Usually your question is worded so that your answer will be “yes” or “no”, but you may also use sliding scales or charts or even maps and diagrams that allow you to get more detailed information. (Those are more advanced techniques, but follow the same principles.)

Do You Need A Tool To Dowse?

Most dowsers use a tool of some kind to indicate the “yes” or “no” answer to the question. A pendulum or L-rods are popular tools. You may read about them in Chapters 6 & 7 of this guide. We dowse without tools most of the time. This is called ‘deviceless dowsing', and there are many ways to do it. Basically, deviceless methods use your body or parts of your body to indicate the answer to your dowsing question. You may learn how to do this in Chapter 8 of this guide.

There is no magic in a dowsing tool. It is merely an indicator. Your dowsing tool will help you see if the answer to your question is “yes” or “no”. But the tool is not giving you the answer; it merely indicates it.

It is necessary to get into a sort of altered brain state, the ‘dowsing state', in order to access the answers to your questions. Studies of the dowsing state show a unique combination of brain waves operating when a dowser is in a dowsing state. We share more about this in Chapters 3, 4 & 5.

It is believed that the motion of the tool is an amplified reaction of your body to the question you ask. When you become a masterful dowser, you don't really need a tool to know the answer. You will learn to read your body reactions without a tool. It is actually easier to learn to do this if you practice dowsing first without a tool, because otherwise, you will be so focused on the movement of the tool that you may ignore the other reactions your body gives to indicate “yes” or “no”.

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What Can You Use Dowsing For?

So what would you use dowsing for? Anything you want to know about that you cannot learn using rational means. Think of dowsing as an alternative to Google. If you need to make a decision or need information that you can't get by searching on Google or by asking an expert or doing other research, you can use dowsing. Dowsing expands your intelligence by giving you an additional way to get information to make better choices. In other words, it takes the guesswork out of your life.

You probably don't think about how many times a day you guess about things. And when you guess, you have a 50/50 chance of being wrong. Life or death questions come up rarely. But when they do, you would love to have the help dowsing provides.

There are countless times a day that small questions come up that you don't have answers to. Questions such as:

  • “Do I have enough gas to make it to the next gas station?”
  • “Which avocado is ripe and blemish-free?”
  • “Is my headache an allergic reaction to something I ate?”
  • “Do I need to go to a doctor for this problem?”
  • “Is my mechanic accurate when he says I must get a brake job now, or my car will be dangerous to drive?”
  • “Will my sister love this sweater as a birthday gift?”

It's the small questions each day, as well as the rare big ones, that add stress to your life. Dowsing takes the guesswork out of life and reduces stress immensely. Since stress is known to be a major contributing factor for health problems, this is a terrific benefit of dowsing.

In a sense, you could say that dowsing enhances your natural intelligence, because by giving you a way to get answers to questions you couldn't answer before, it makes you much smarter and more able to get the positive outcomes you desire. It's a super tool!

Dowsing is a method that bridges the gap between your rational and intuitive faculties, using both of them in a balanced way to get answers to the questions you ask. It is a natural skill, and as such, requires training and practice if you want to master it. Chapter 5 of this guide will get you started if you want to learn to dowse.

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What Dowsing Is Not

No explanation of dowsing would be complete without clarifying for you what dowsing is not. Why bother with that? Unfortunately, the state of dowsing today is highly confused. In recent years, dowsing has become fragmented. Anyone who wanted to call himself or herself a professional or teacher could do so. And as a result, dowsing has not been taught, explained or demonstrated in a clear, consistent fashion.

Worse yet, the very definition of what dowsing is became fragmented and confused. Due to the lack of consistency and expertise in those who taught dowsing, and in part due to misconceptions perpetuated by conventional sources, dowsing has come to be mistaken for many things it is not.

Those misconceptions cause many people to shy away from dowsing. They get a bad impression of what it is. They tend to have great expectations of what dowsing can do for them, and those expectations may not be met, because they have been misinformed. Dowsing has become less credible due to these confusions, and we want to help clarify for you exactly what dowsing is not, so you can be very clear what to expect from dowsing and not be disappointed or misled.

Things dowsing is not:

  • Dowsing is not a healing method
  • Dowsing is not a way to transform energies
  • Dowsing is not a channeling method
  • Dowsing does not use intention in any special way
  • Dowsing is not magic

Pendulums are used in many techniques for many purposes. You may have seen one used by a hypnotist. Sometimes healers use them. Just because you see someone using a pendulum, that does not mean they are dowsing.

Pendulum Healing Is Not Dowsing

In recent decades, someone started a healing method using a pendulum to focus intention. Unfortunately, this was confused with dowsing. “Pendulum healing” is a more accurate term for this technique. While dowsing can be used for health, to get answers to your health questions and help you find root causes of symptoms and the best therapy or remedy, dowsing does not heal. Nor does it use intention to transform energies. Dowsing can be combined with any healing method to give you better results, but it does not heal. Do not underestimate the value of being able to know causes of problems and how to resolve them. It's huge!

Space Clearing Is Not Dowsing

Many people use dowsing when they are doing space clearing. They can use it to identify noxious environmental energies and determine their effect. Dowsing is not used in the clearing process itself. But it is easy to see how an outsider might observe someone doing space clearing and think that dowsing was the clearing method, since the tool is quite obvious. But that would be a mistake. Dowsing is an excellent addition to any type of process used to harmonize space, but it does not change the energies; it just helps inform you of the things you need to know to do a great job.

Using Intention Is Not Dowsing

Intention is what is used in healing and transformational processes. Even if you use a pendulum, that does not mean that what you are doing is dowsing, any more than you are dowsing if you use a crystal or sound or color to transform energies or heal.

Channeling Is Not Dowsing

Another misconception is that when dowsing, you are asking your angels, guides or God for answers. That would make dowsing a special form of prayer, wouldn't it? While you can use dowsing as a form of communication when asking yes/no questions (of your pet, for example), dowsing is NOT about asking for answers from outside sources. That would be channeling. We talk about this topic to some extent in Chapter 3 of this guide.

Dowsing Is About Looking Inward

Dowsing is empowering, because it isn't looking outward for answers. It is a turning inward, accessing the source of answers intuitively. If you wish to consult Abraham or other Advanced Beings, you can do that, but it would be called channeling. It would not be a turning inward.

Dowsing Is Not Magic Or A Psychic Power

While dowsing at times appears magical, it is not magic. It is a natural human skill. Yes, you can even use it to predict the future. But predicting the future using any means is a dicey proposition. There are many pitfalls that have nothing to do with the technique you are using when you try to predict the future, whether you are gazing into a crystal ball, dowsing or reading runes.

We advise people not to use dowsing for predicting the future, especially not for distant events, and not when you have a lot of emotion about the results. A trained dowser can often get excellent results predicting near-future situations when she is detached about the results, but it takes skill to be consistently accurate.

When an intelligent person asks a really good question, the answer often provokes more questions. Those questions also have answers. And they will pose more questions in your mind. This is the nature of any exciting journey, and dowsing is a journey. A journey that completely changes your life for the better.


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