Chapter 10: What Are Dowsing Charts?

Written by Maggie Percy

Dowsing Charts Take You Beyond Yes & No

What are dowsing charts, and what can you do with them? As a dowser, you are looking for the answer to a question you cannot answer rationally. That question is usually posed in a yes/no format. Once you start learning how to get reliable dowsing answers, you naturally want to expand your use of this amazing ability to give you even more detailed and valuable information. Dowsing is a search for information and answers, after all, and the more you can get, the better. This is where dowsing charts come in handy.

Dowsing charts help you go beyond a simple “yes” or “no” answer. Charts and scales, which are closely related, provide you with the opportunity to have several or more possible answers instead of just two. With this more advanced technique you can pick a specific therapy, supplement or any choice among a range of possibilities. You can assign a number value that represents benefits, intensity or harm.

The ability to find shades of “yes” and shades of “no” and to choose among many options makes dowsing a more valuable tool for everyday life.

Dowsing Charts vs. Scales

Charts and scales come in many forms. Some are simple and linear in design, while others are complex in include multiple scales or even connect multiple charts to one another. The healing method Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) uses chart dowsing as a major part of the therapy, but all health dowsing can benefit from the use of charts and scales.

In general, when using a chart or scale you must do the same as with any dowsing. You need a good dowsing question; you must get into a good dowsing state; you must be detached and open to the answer. We discussed these subjects in earlier chapters. Dowsing is way more than just getting an answer. The answer will only be as accurate as your dowsing technique, and your ability depends on how skillful you are, which all comes down to training and practice.

A dowser will usually use a pendulum for chart dowsing. We have found it helpful if the pendulum has a pointy end, because that makes it easier to see what answer is being indicated on the chart or scale. The pendulum is put into a neutral swing (not “yes”; not “no”) and then the question is asked while in a dowsing state. Given time, the pendulum will move and eventually settle over the appropriate answer.

Dowsing Charts Expand Your Horizons

Dowsing charts can be used for any dowsing application. Most often, they are used in health and personal growth dowsing, or when dowsing for energies. But you can use them in any type of dowsing where there are multiple possible answers, or if you have an interest in the intensity or effectiveness of something.

Here's how you can use charts in something like space clearing.

  • Dowsing is very helpful, because you can dowse what energies are present using a chart with all the forms of noxious energy (plus “Other”, as you never can be sure you have them all listed).
  • You can have a scale for measuring the effects of those energies on someone who lives there.
  • You can also have a chart listing all your favorite clearing methods (again including “Other” as an option). Then you are going to clear and harmonize the energy of your personal space.

There are many types of noxious environmental energies, and there are just as many ways to clear and harmonize them. Some people use sage wands; others use sound. There is no one method that does it all. You can dowse what method will best neutralize, clear or harmonize those energies for the health and well-being of all who live there. And you can do that using a chart.

If space clearing interests you, whether you are a dowser or not, check out our Busy Person's Guide to Space Clearing. It teaches you all the basic techniques, no frills or fluff.   

By utilizing charts, you make the space clearing process much more efficient, and you don't have to remember everything. The same is true for any dowsing application in which you use charts.

List Dowsing Is Chart Dowsing Without Charts

There are many sources of great dowsing charts. There are books of charts, methods that use charts and websites that sell individual charts or booklets of charts. You can even make your own charts by using a blank template. This is lots of fun, but it's also helpful to your dowsing process, because it forces you to think about options, to consider possibilities. It expands the way you think of the dowsing process.

List dowsing is analogous to chart dowsing, in that you can take the information and put it in a chart, or you can just put it in a list. List dowsing is finding the answer to your dowsing question from a list. Lists are more useful than charts when you have a lot of options, more than you can easily chart. The principle behind list dowsing is much the same as chart dowsing. This gets into more advanced dowsing technique, which is usually covered in an advanced course.

Get Started Dowsing Now!

Dowsing is a valuable life tool. It unlocks your intuitive capabilities by giving you a way to focus your intuition to gather useful information that expands your intelligence and aids in your well-being. When combined with the proper use of rational faculties, dowsing boosts your ability to make good choices and create positive outcomes in your life. It's also a priceless tool in business, whatever business you are in.

Dowsing is a journey. You don't become masterful overnight. We are passionate about helping those who wish to master dowsing and change their lives for the better and look forward to supporting you on your journey.

We want to help you learn to dowse well, so you can use it to improve your health, your business and your finances. Our Discovering Dowsing course includes Basic Dowsing, Advanced Dowsing and a ton of bonus material on dowsing applications. Plus we're happy to give you ongoing support if you have questions about the course content. Visit this page for course details, and check out the FAQ if you have questions, or write our support address. Happy Dowsing!


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