Chapter 2: Does Dowsing Work?

Written by Maggie Percy

Does dowsing work?

This is a very important question. Why would you bother with dowsing if it didn't work? Congratulations for wanting to get to the truth of the matter.

As with many complex subjects, the truth depends on a number of factors. The simple answer is yes, dowsing works. It is a skill that humans have used for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The most common use has been to find water, which is a vital need in terms of survival. Modern humans are so used to having pure water in seemingly infinite amounts easily at hand that they don't realize what a challenge this can be for a community. But think about what would happen to you if you couldn't turn on the tap. What would you do?

Water dowsers have helped people find pure and reliable water sources in the worst of conditions. Although we do not offer water dowsing services, we were once pressed by clients who lived on a patch of land in the desert where most homeowners had to haul water in. They wanted a well, but it is expensive to drill a dry hole, which usually happened in that region. So they hired us.

Long story short, the well came in and they were happy. They wouldn't have had a clue where to drill without dowsing. It is likely they would have ended up investing a lot of money in a dry hole.

Expert water dowsers have amazing accuracy. Over 90% is common. Remember in school? Getting over 90% on all your tests made you a real star. It would appear, then, that dowsing is accurate. But there is more to the story than that.

Does Dowsing Work? Yes, But It Takes Practice

If expert water dowsers are usually at least 90% accurate, does that mean all dowsers are 90% accurate? No. Dowsing is a skill, not a psychic ability. Any skill requires that you learn technique and practice. It is most helpful to have a coach to guide you. Olympic athletes and musicians who perform in major orchestras became experts through mentoring and practice.

Sadly, the perception of dowsing as psychic ability has caused many newbies to expect they can get 90% or better accuracy from the get go. This is a false assumption, and when those newbies see they are wrong, they usually assume they have no talent, or that dowsing is a scam, and they quit dowsing. This is very unfortunate.

Another contributing factor to this misconception is the way most people (who are usually not expert dowsers) teach dowsing. They focus on teaching you to get a “yes” or “no” with your tool. Sometimes they spend a very few minutes saying it's important to ask a good dowsing question. Then they turn you loose. You get no mentoring. You have no one to support you in your growth. It's like showing someone the keys on a piano and teaching them chopsticks and then expecting them to play “Moonlight Sonata” right away. It won't happen.

To become masterful at any skill requires lots of training and practice, and mentoring is a huge help. Just saying this will turn off many people, because they'd like masterful dowsing ability to be as easy as flipping a switch. You are smart enough to know that doesn't happen in the real world. Dowsing has the ability to change your life in amazing ways IF YOU LEARN TO DO IT WELL. That's an honest promise, one you can take to the bank.

If you are an accurate dowser, you can use dowsing in so many ways, your head will spin. But there is no instant way to confer accuracy on any new dowser. You have to learn the skill.

Doubt your dowsing? That's perfectly normal! Doubt comes from lack of confidence, which comes from lack of knowledge and practice. Our Discovering Dowsing course shows you proper technique so you can become a confident dowser. Click here for details.

Mastery Of Dowsing Is Rare

You're probably able to see why some people consider dowsing a scam. They assume that anyone who can hold a tool and get an answer is a dowser. Well, that isn't really true. In many cases, people who think they are dowsing aren't dowsing. They never learned they need to get into a dowsing state to get the answer. No one told them you can get an answer without being in a dowsing state, but it won't necessarily be true. It has only a 50/50 chance, just like a simple guess. (We go into further detail on this subject in later chapters.)

It really isn't that hard to begin to dowse. But to master dowsing takes time and effort. Most people don't invest in becoming masterful. It really isn't their fault; they were told they were dowsers just because they could get an answer. But they are the kind of people you see being used to ‘test' the accuracy of dowsing.

Would you want to form an opinion about the beauty of music by listening to someone who had no talent and no skill level? Any impression you formed would be colored by their inability to perform. If you saw a bunch of people trying to play a sport without having a clue about the rules, would the chaos mean that sport was stupid? Of course not! Yet time and again, we see ‘tests' of dowsing using people with questionable skill levels. No wonder the results cause some people to feel dowsing is fake.

Science Cannot Prove Or Disprove That Dowsing Works

We've established that it takes time to become skillful at dowsing. Not everyone invests in learning to dowse well. Too often, people assume being able to get an answer is all dowsing is. Being able to get an accurate answer is the key.

Many so-called tests involve enthusiastic amateur dowsers who really aren't that skilled. Truly skilled dowsers recognize that you can't really expect to test dowsing well in a laboratory or fake environment. Dowsing is a natural skill we use to get answers to questions we can't answer any other way, so that we can improve our lives. Thus, there is an element of need. We need to get the answers. We aren't showing off. Ego is not involved. We aren't preaching to others or trying to convert them to dowsing. We use dowsing in our daily life to make our lives better.

The minute you ask someone to ‘prove' something, you have changed the situation dramatically. There is no need to prove anything except to ego. And artificial circumstances do not duplicate a good dowsing environment.

We've seen experiments where water dowsers were asked to dowse under artificial conditions that did not in any way duplicate their area of expertise. This is bad experimental method.

Another challenge is that you cannot remove the dowser from the dowsing process. Dowsing involves the person on many levels. A good experiment will remove the human factor, but dowsing is a human process, so you can't do that.

Poor results in dowsing experiments prove nothing. Masterful dowsers are not 100% accurate, but when dowsing in their area of expertise, they are usually 90% or better. And that's good enough for most people.

Even Experts Make Mistakes

Does dowsing work? Yes, it works; the fact that dowsing is never 100% accurate does not mean it is fake. Nor is it a good argument against dowsing in any way. Nothing in life is 100%. No method is perfect, and no method that involves a human is totally consistent. Great artists and athletes have good and bad days. No one calls them fake. Or at least, we hope not. Dowsing is a skill like athletic or musical ability, and it can be affected by many factors.

If you are asking someone to dowse for you, make sure that they are masterful at that type of dowsing. Another mistake that causes people to think dowsing is fake is the assumption that all dowsers are accurate at all types of dowsing. Wrong. Just as no athlete can play all sports equally well, a dowser excels in one or a few areas, because it takes time and practice to become an expert. And most people don't live long enough or have a broad enough interest to master more than a few applications.

This is why we tried to turn down the clients who wanted us to dowse for water in the desert. In the end, we only did it on a contingency basis, and while we were happy with the results, we were aware (and told them as well) that we were not professional water dowsing experts. But they could not find anyone else, so they asked us.

If you choose to take up dowsing, you will be drawn to certain applications, and those are probably the ones at which you can excel. Don't expect to be able to dowse about everything with equal accuracy. Be aware of your limitations in terms of talent and experience. The misconception that all dowsing is the same has caused a lot of credibility issues.

We love to help people master dowsing. Click the links below to visit other chapters. The more you know about dowsing, the more intriguing it becomes!


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