Chapter 4: Can Anyone Learn Dowsing?

Written by Maggie Percy

Can anyone learn dowsing? Yes. Anyone can learn to dowse.

You will often see dowsing in lists of psychic abilities, but we believe this to be a mistake. We don't think something should be listed as a psychic gift if everyone is able to do it.

It's true that dowsing seems strange. Few people practice dowsing, and even fewer people are expert at it. That might seem to argue in favor of calling dowsing a psychic talent.

In spite of the rarity of expert dowsers, dowsing is just a skill, much as playing a musical instrument is a skill. You don't have to be psychic to play the piano, do you? Yet few people are expert pianists. This is because not everyone cares about playing the piano, and since it is a skill, it takes time and a lot of practice to master. Only a small number of people are passionate enough about music to become expert pianists. But many average people are able to play piano well enough to enjoy it and enrich their lives with music. Dowsing is much the same. Very few people are passionate enough about it to become experts, but it is a skill anyone can learn to do and enjoy the benefits.

Skill vs. Psychic Gift

Let's look at specific perceptions of psychic abilities to see why they don't apply to dowsing. Psychic abilities are usually described as being fully developed from childhood without any real training or practice. In spite of how easy it is to get a “yes” and “no” with a pendulum, that is not dowsing, as we have explained in earlier chapters. Swinging a pendulum and getting an answer is the smallest part of dowsing.

Actual dowsing requires training and practice, just as playing the piano does. While there are rare prodigies, most people have to develop their skill over a period of time by studying and practicing.

Another perception of psychic abilities that does not apply to dowsing is the belief that psychic abilities should be 100% accurate. This is an unfair expectation, but it is common nonetheless. Dowsing never claims to be 100% accurate. It's a human activity, and as such, it is prone to error. How accurate a dowser is depends entirely on talent, training and practice. All dowsers make mistakes. Expert dowsers make few mistakes.

The last perception of psychic abilities we want to examine is that psychic gifts are rare. Few people have psychic abilities. This obviously does not apply to dowsing, because anyone can learn to dowse. In fact, just about anyone can become a masterful dowser if they are willing to invest time and effort.

Anyone Can Learn Dowsing

Dowsing is a natural intuitive sensing ability which all humans can use. Because it is a skill, it requires training and practice to become good at it.

We've taught a lot of dowsing courses and it is our experience that anyone can learn to dowse with at least one type of tool. Sometimes people can't use every tool equally well, or every deviceless method. But they usually do fine with at least one.

We have observed that difficulties using particular dowsing tools usually relates to past life traumas where the person was killed for using intuitive methods like dowsing and divining. These types of past life trauma can be cleared, and once they are cleared, the person is able to use the tool to dowse just fine.

Dowsing Is A Gateway To Intuitive Living

Everyone has intuitive senses. As with physical sensing, people's intuitive sensing varies. Some people are highly intuitive, while others are not. Our culture devalues intuition so much that most people ignore or even suppress their intuitive senses. This is a mistake, because your intuition is a valuable addition to your rational faculties as a way of gathering information that can make your life safer and happier.

Intuition is vastly different from logic and rational processes. Instead of being slow and linear, intuition is fast and makes leaps. Intuition works through the heart, while your rational mind works through the brain. Both types of sensing add to your ability to thrive on earth. Each has its strengths and weaknesses.

It is a horrible mistake to ask your rational mind to handle everything you deal with in life. It isn't designed for that. It is designed for specific purposes. Your intuition is complementary to rational thinking. By using both, you get better results.

Intuition can give you ‘hits' of information that are valuable. You might just ‘feel' that you need to do something, but you don't know why. Later, you find out that your feeling was correct. Sometimes intuitive hits save your finances, your health and your happiness.

But intuition, unlike your rational faculties, isn't easy to command. You can encourage your intuition by using it, by listening to it and by trusting it. But you have to wait around to get information from it, and that isn't very helpful, is it?

Dowsing is a way of taking control of your intuitive sensing abilities. With dowsing, you focus your intuition to get answers to specific questions in a timely fashion. You don't have to wait around for an intuitive hit.

Dowsing is actually the missing piece of using all your natural faculties optimally. The lack of control over intuition is one argument against it, because you can't easily summon intuitive hits. But as a dowser, you can tap into your intuition at any time about any subject. Suddenly, your intuition becomes just as powerful and valuable as your mind.

Why Not Give It A Try?

Humans are meant to dowse. It's a shame that while our culture sees the value of training your rational mind, it doesn't see the value of teaching dowsing so you can use your intuition to advantage. You spend years in school learning how to get the most out of your rational abilities, but very few people spend any time studying and practicing how to use their intuitive abilities. Like unused muscles, their intuitive sensing capabilities grow weaker and weaker.

We are passionate about dowsing and want to help you to learn this valuable skill so you can expand your intelligence to include your heart and your intuition in ways that will change your life for the better. Our Discovering Dowsing course is the best way to become a masterful, accurate dowser. See details here.


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