Conference Call February 2013: Mind-Body Connection


Written by Maggie Percy


The Mind-Body Connection

In this call, we discuss what health really is, how the mind-body-spirit must be treated as a whole, and what our health dowsing strategies are for dealing with physical symptoms.

The mind-body connection is one which has slowly gained wider acceptance. The way we think, what we believe; these are now accepted as being crucial in affecting our health. One of the first, and probably the most influential people to promote this idea, was Louise Hay. As a result, everyone likes to quote Louise Hay and talk about the mind-body-spirit connection. The problem, however, is that few people actually learn how to use health dowsing to heal themselves. They know the theory but have no clear idea how to put it into practice.

Louise Hay and beyond

You'll find in this call how dowsing is such a powerful tool for getting success with Louise Hay's work. Since Louise's book was so widely accepted, it should come as no surprise that others have also added to the array of weapons we can bring to bear on healing the mind-body connection. That's why we recommend a couple other great books you may not have heard of. These are books which have not only helped us but have also been hugely important in helping us in our work with clients.

Listen as we give you some practical tips on how to jump right into health dowsing and begin to take charge of how you feel:


You Can Heal Your Life (Louise Hay)

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die (Karol Truman)

The Body Is The Barometer Of The Soul (Annette Noontil)

Messages From The Body (Michael Lincoln)

Have you had success, spectacular or otherwise, using this approach? Share your story in the comments below.


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