Conference Call January 2013: Health Dowsing


Written by Maggie Percy


Health Dowsing

The topic of this call was health dowsing, in particular the concepts:

  • Spirit out of body: causes, consequences, evaluation and restoration
  • EM Field issues: how to evaluate and repair, possible consequences
  • How to spot a subconscious energy of “not wanting to be on earth in physical form” and possible consequences, plus suggestions for fixes

EM Field issues are rampant. You probably have a very weak EM field. This leads to ill health, poor protection and inability to manifest positive outcomes easily. Yet it's easy to repair.

While the spirit being out of the body is more rare, we have seen it as a reaction to shock, but also as a coping mechanism in prey animals like horses and timid humans. Spirit out of body will lead to poor results when using any healing therapy. This is another issue that health dowsing can discover and that has fairly easy resolutions.

Those who are interested in spiritual pursuits often subconsciously have a fear of being in physical form. They may not have been human often, or have deep seated beliefs about earth being a bad place. This will lead to health issues if not identified and cleared.

This call will cover these key subjects and give you the ability to begin to identify and repair these issues for yourself, your loved ones and pets.

Listen here to the 40-minute call:

EM Field Repair protocol:

You may download Therapy for EM Field (click the link), which summarizes some of the key facts about the EM Field and its health challenges. Plus it gives details on the simplest, most effective therapies for fixing EM issues. While there is much more you can learn about the EM Field, Therapy for EM Field.

Was this call useful or not? Share your thoughts on this call in the comments section below.


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  1. DJ McCullough

    I am so excited!! I listen to you and I am just a sponge! I take notes, I play it back over and over. I have used dowsing for a long time though I do not think with accuracy. I REALLY want to be better at it.

    • Maggie Percy

      Thanks so much for the positive feedback. Health dowsing is a real challenge because it’s so complex and requires a high level of detachment. So it’s harder to master.

      I recommend you take our Discovering Dowsing course to master basic and advanced techniques, then get our “Dowsing For Health: Awaken Your Hidden Talent” book. It’s like a course on health dowsing, and it’s more complete than our introductory book on that topic. We are always happy to answer questions about the content of our course or books, and having us to turn to will be a good resource for you, if you choose to pursue health dowsing.


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