Conference Call March 2013: Relationship dowsing


Written by Maggie Percy


Relationship dowsing

Relationships can be very challenging. Finding your perfect partner is a real possibility when you can dowse. Relationship dowsing is the best tool you will ever have to build successful, happy relationships.

In order for relationship dowsing to be successful, you have to take a slightly different look at it. Or, at least, think about it in a slightly different way. Most dowsers don't think to use dowsing to heal relationship issues or to find a good business or romantic partner. Then, when the time comes that they need answers, they aren't confident that they can get an accurate dowsing response.

Don't wait until you are in a bind to learn the basics of relationship dowsing. It's fun and it will save you a BUNDLE of trouble. Just think about the cost of a divorce (in all ways). Wouldn't it be great to avoid that?

A whole lot of what is important in this use of dowsing is nothing more than the basics; getting a really good set of questions.

Sure, there's more than that, and we cover everything you need to know in this call.

In this call, we go over some of the key things you need to know about dowsing, karmic relationships and past life energies. You might be surprised at how much of an effect past lives have on your relationships in this lifetime. If you can dowse, you can begin to understand those relationships, accept them, heal them and create joy through them. Plus we share our surprising viewpoint on the laws of ‘attraction'.

Listen to the call here. It's only 30 minutes in length:

Relationship Dowsing Worksheet on Dowsing Past Lives may be downloaded here: finding-the-perfect-partner.

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