The Dangers in Dowsing for Lost Objects


Written by Maggie Percy


Where Is It?

Dowsing for lost objects is a common application. Yet, it's hard to find anyone who claims to be an expert in finding lost objects using dowsing. Why is that?

The reason is this: It can be very hard to find lost objects, pets and people.

Dowsing for lost objects: the checklist

The most common blocks to success are:

  1. Thought forms: these are created of energies of strong emotion or belief that are focused on a place or about an object. A thought form is almost identical in energy signature to what you seek, so when you find it, you think you have found the lost object. But you haven't. Thought forms are created by other seekers who think they know where to find the object. The more people you have seeking something, the more thought forms there are to confuse you.
  2. Your inability to be detached: if you are emotionally attached to a certain outcome, you won't be able to dowse accurately.
  3. The free will of the person or animal you seek: sometimes animals or people do not want to be found. This will make it harder to find them.
  4. Curses or other energies of intention: if something like a treasure is hidden with the intent that no one will find it, it will be very hard to find.
  5. Karma, for lack of a better word: sometimes things won't be found, because finding them is not the appropriate thing to happen.

If you are very good at dowsing for lost objects, you are a special person. There is a demand for that talent, and it would make a very interesting and lucrative career.

If you're not especially talented at this type of dowsing, do not despair. You can improve your success by paying attention to the five dangers listed above.

Have you been successful in dowsing for lost objects? Why not share what happened in the comments section below?


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    I have been metal detecting since 1994 my name is Craig Foulds I live in Nottinghamshire in the UK I was recently given to stainless steel L-shaped dowsing rods measuring a total of 20 inch long this includes the bend at the end off the rod I can find lost objects in the ground coins plastic coal etc I have learnt to do this by myself I do not know how this works but I can assure you it works 100% you must persevere with it it takes time and patience at first you must believe it works I was shocked when it worked for me how I do it there is two ways to do it this is the first I old the rods at 16 inch apart with the rods slightly pointing upwards and walk forwards thinking of Lost objects in the ground the rods will go outwards when something is below the rods Mark the spot on the ground then come at it at a different Direction and the rods will go outwards then Mark the spot the find should be directly below the rods that have opened up with a spade dig the soil out and put it to one side check the whole Again if nothing happens walk over the soil that you took out the hole if the rods open the object will be in the soil method to is exactly the same as above but hold the rods at at 8 inch apart with the tips of the rods slightly pointing downwards this time the roads will cross Mark the spot directly below the cross and dig the hole out

    • Maggie Percy

      Congratulations on your success! To clarify for other readers, the more specific your dowsing question/search, the more specific the answer. So if you are seeking gold coins, ask to find gold coins. And if you don’t want to dig deeper than one foot, add that into the question to eliminate deeper ‘hits.’ Also, for most people, the rods crossing is a yes or found answer. You can ‘program’ your rods however you wish. You can also ask to be shown the location at a specific point in your travel, like when your left foot crosses the spot on the surface directly above the item, or when the crossed rods are directly above the item you seek. The question is vital for success and to avoid false ‘yes’ hits.

      • ruwan

        Please read the account given by the eminent neurosurgeon Dr Eben Alexander in his book” The Map of Heaven” page:34. He explains how Dr Elizabeth Mayer located her daughter’s priceless Harp with the help of a dowser.


    At this time I am going to do my breakfast, once having my breakfast coming again to read more news.

  3. Tate

    My dad was really good at finding lost things using a V or a Y dowser. He was able to locate a stolen radio by pointing the direction it had got to and following it. But his method was not of visualising anything but posited that everything possesses a unique energy signature, whether it’s a person or am item. He taught me how to do it also but I want to keen as a teen. I’m now starting to see what he was onto.

    • Maggie Percy

      No one really understands how dowsing works, but everyone agrees that basically it is a search, the asking of a question, such as “where is the water?”. Whether that question is formally asked in a dowsing protocol or as in the case of your father, he just ‘does it’ and gets results, it’s the same natural faculty being used. We all have the ability to dowse, but it takes a bit of skill, and some people are just naturals. Finding lost objects is one dowsing specialty that I have often encouraged people to pursue, if they are interested, because along with water dowsing, it’s the only type of dowsing I can imagine someone could make a living at. There are always people looking for lost pets and heirlooms, and things like that, and they are usually willing to pay for results. If you enjoy doing that and have a natural ability like your Dad, it could lead to a profitable enterprise. Of course, you need to be able to get consistent results, but it’s not hard to learn proper dowsing technique, and practice does make perfect.

  4. Mesquite

    I am still fairly new at this technique, but I found it it’s coming fairly easily for me of which I’m very grateful. I have started and learned at first what using this technique in graveyards. I have just started to try to find lost items my first of which I found this morning was a lost pair of glasses.

    • Maggie Percy

      Finding lost objects is one of the few dowsing applications (like water dowsing) that I believe a person could make a living at. Lost pets and jewelry are a real challenge, and if you could master finding things, you could get paid to do what you love and make people very happy. Keep working at it and let us know how you do!

  5. Mike Hein

    I have been experimenting with dowsing for some time and find it most interesting.
    I have recently been using a ground penetrating radar and I pick up services (underground cables, water pipes etc) with my dowsing rods that do not show on the radar. My state of mind on that day does have an impact on how effective my dowsing is.
    What is interesting is that sceptics will accept that we humans generally use only 10% of our brain power and yet will not accept anything they do not understand.

    • Maggie Percy

      I like your comment about dowsing being better in some cases than technology. An instrument like ground-penetrating radar is a useful extension of our physical senses that allows us to ‘see’ more than we can without it. Dowsing is a skill that is a sort of natural technology that expands our intelligence by adding information intuitively that we cannot get rationally.

      Every method has its limits, but people tend to overlook that fact, acting as if technology is perfect and always right. There will definitely be times when dowsing is superior to using an instrument of some kind. On the other hand, the reverse is true as well. In any case, dowsing is a great addition to your toolkit, and doesn’t cost as much as an electronic instrument.

  6. Barry Mc Carthy

    I have been attempting to find an Mp3 player as well as a tape recorder in my house and asking which room they may be in and I get a yes for all rooms and I know this is not true. I do not know what if anything I am doing wrong, any help would be appreciated.

    • Maggie Percy

      Here’s where a dowsing journal is indispensable. When you are dowsing, write down details such as the exact question, the way the answer came through, your feelings at the time, any other sensations, etc. When you go back, you can see patterns or maybe examine the question to see how the answer could have been right for that question; sometime you leave something out or use a vague word.

      If you reply to this post and give me the exact question you used, that will help me guide you. We’ll start with the question. Once we get that right, we will go into things that are harder to measure, such as how detached you are and whether you got into a dowsing state. But let’s start with the question.

    • steve

      use two rods ask the show yes position then no position ask to locate my player the rods point to direction ask is it less then 10 meters if yes say 9m 8m 7m until rods has cross at 90 deg you can also ask which room is it in is it on table etc

  7. Bridget

    I had great fun with my 7yo granddaughter playing hide and seek yesterday, then finding the items with my home made rods. Copper core from electrical cable and two used biros (pen parts removed). I explained the energy was within her and that she could do it and she found my phone I’d hidden under a chair cushion first time. She was a little anxious about using them so we swapped with her hiding things and me locating them.

    • Maggie Percy

      What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it. I hope more people will do this sort of thing. It’s a fun way to learn dowsing. And if you become good at it, it can really pay off when you lose something valuable.

  8. Roy

    I remember thinking “It’s been a while since I found a crucifix” even before I drove to a planted metal detecting hunt in a park. I decided to dowse for shallow targets with my “L” rods between hunts. While following the rods on site, I asked for the nearest & most shallow target that was man made precious metal. I was led to the edge of a cement base for a park bench, but my metal detector I only had with me to verify targets before digging gave no signal at all. I reluctantly turned off the discrimination to find a strong signal on the very spot. Less than half an inch beneath the dirt I found a man-made pot metal crucifix painted black. I’m something of a rookie at this, so I ALMOST shook my fist up at the sky for the joke the Universe played on me–until I stopped myself with this thought.
    1. I found a crucifix I asked for.
    2. It was man-made metal.
    3. It was shallow.
    4. It was precious to someone at some point.

    So, I got 4 out of 4 requests “granted!” I might as well have shook my fist at my own reflection for my lack of specifics. I ended my hunt with a private chuckle at my personal “Genie Joke!”

    • Maggie Percy

      Well done! An excellent example of how we get what we are seeking, but it may not appear to have been successful until we examine/analyze results. Incidents like this help us refine our dowsing questions to make sure we DO get what we want by being more precise in our definitions. In this case, ‘precious’ was a different definition from the one you meant, because you hadn’t been specific about it. We often do this, using ‘failures’ to discover our dowsing was accurate after all. You are an excellent dowser, and we look forward to hearing more from you.


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