The Dangers Of Using Dowsing Rods

Written by Nigel Percy

The Dangers Of Using Dowsing Rods

How can dowsing rods be dangerous? It depends on your point of view.

For some dowsing skeptics, especially those who are deeply religious and who maintain that dowsing is something which has diabolical connections, the use of dowsing rods then becomes something which threatens the very soul of the dowser. The reasoning being that holding them and dowsing with them is to allow the Devil to work through you.

Now, that's an extreme view but it is held by many such people. But, for them, it is a real and present danger. Of course, none of them would have actually tried to dowse, so their opposition to the use of this skill is based only on their interpretation of the Bible or their own personal attitudes.

Admittedly, in the history of dowsing, there have been many religious people who have said the same thing about dowsing; that it must have some diabolical aspect to it, but there have been an equally large number of religious people who have used dowsing for themselves without any concerns for their personal salvation.

Therefore, this view of the dangers of dowsing has no real weight to it at all, based as it is on personal inclinations only.

As for other types of dangers in using dowsing rods, there are perhaps one or two possible things to bear in mind. If you have fairly solid rods, such as those made of steel, then there is a very slight risk that you could cause yourself an injury if you weren't careful how you carried them or how you used them.

Personally, I tend to wander around with one rod stuck down the inside of my boot ready to stick it into the ground as a marker. If I carried either or both of them in my pockets – tricky but doable – then, if I tripped over, I suppose I could stab myself.

But, the good news is, I haven't ever heard of any dowser who has been injured in such a way, so I suppose it's not much of a danger at all.

The only other thing I can think of which might be thought of as a danger would be if you waved your arms around while holding a rod as you might put someone's eye out. But, again, I've never heard of such a thing.

In which case, the only danger appears to be whether or not you consider that when using such rods you are putting your soul at risk. If you think that, then you're not likely to dowse anyway. You have to go with what your conscience guides you to do. For me, that means I use dowsing whenever and wherever I can in perfect safety.

Have you ever experienced danger using dowsing rods? If so, please let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. exex

    i start dowsing..and then i start feeling tired.. then every target i allready deterimined become attracting me.. i feel something pull me to the place.. even i can find vaccum now with my body only… i dont know what happening to me

    • Maggie Percy

      Your attitudes and beliefs about dowsing do affect how you feel. We teach you to regard dowsing as a simple skill anyone can learn. But if you choose to look at it as if you are channeling, that can lead to problems. I urge you to read the articles and watch our videos on what dowsing is and how to do it and align with being safe and enjoying it. Start with simple, everyday questions and slowly build your confidence. It sounds like you are dowsing about things that are intangible and not very practical. Avoid doing that at first and study up on this site. You’ll be fine if you follow our instructions.

  2. Jim Moody

    The only problem I’ve had is not watching the ground and stepping in a sunken place in historical cemeteries.

    • Maggie Percy

      By all means be careful when dowsing on site!

      • Name *exex

        can you tell the nature of the metal with the rods and the number of pieces and the depth?

        • Maggie Percy

          If you are an accurate dowser, you can get specific information about buried things you are searching for, such as water, gold and buried pipes. The key is to use proper dowsing technique and never dowse above your level of competence. Dowsing is a skill. Learn how to do it and then practice and get better.


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