A Definition of Dowsing

definition of dowsing

Written by Nigel Percy

What It Is…

The video below provides a brief and useful definition of dowsing. Surprisingly, there is a huge amount of confusion and misunderstanding about what is, actually, a very simple thing indeed. Watch it for yourself and decide whether it makes sense to you…


If you read a dictionary definition of dowsing it is usually something along the lines of ‘to search for underground water or minerals by observing the movement of a tool such as a rod or pendulum'.

Which is a bald and practically useless definition because it leaves so much out.

Another approach, much more helpful, is to say that dowsing is a method of searching, where the question is carefully and logically assembled and then the non-rational part of the mind accesses the answer. Dowsing, then, can be used to search for anything at all. Your imagination is the only limitation.

A better definition of dowsing

However, if you ask dowsers themselves how they would talk about dowsing, how they would define it, you will discover that they speak of how dowsing has helped them to transform their lives, or helped them to discover some aspect of themselves they never knew existed, or that dowsing has helped them become far more spiritual than before.

Hardly what you would think of as a definition of dowsing.

Yet the truth is that dowsing is so much more than a simple two-line explanation in a dictionary. It is a natural human skill. There is nothing strange about it.

If you have ever had a moment when your intuition clicked in, that's something very similar to dowsing. In fact, one way of defining dowsing would be to call it focused intuition.

Why not found out more about this very natural skill of yours?

What would be your definition of dowsing? The same as this, or something different?

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      Good to hear it. In that case, read through the information on the website (there’s a lot of it!) and then be sure to invest in our dowsing course. Lots of videos and pdfs plus, as a buyer, you can ask questions about the course if you need clarification.


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