Did You Learn Dowsing the Wrong Way?

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Written by Maggie Percy


Starting Out Can Be Difficult

Most people learn dowsing the wrong way. And most people don't get past that.

After extensive surveying, we have found that most dowsers don't really use dowsing all that much. If they are dowsing their supplements daily, they are above average in how often they dowse. And that really isn't dowsing much, is it?

How can you benefit from dowsing if you don't use it? You can't. But you won't use it if you don't trust it. In talking to people, we have found they just don't trust their dowsing, even though they've taken courses.

We've been researching how to get more people to use dowsing. And what we found out shocked and embarrassed us. The dowsing courses being offered elsewhere are not getting people dowsing much past the time of the course.

You learn dowsing in different ways

So what's wrong with the way people learn dowsing? I can't be sure, but I have a theory. I believe that most classes are taught the same way they've always been taught. And that is the problem. But no one noticed.

Years ago, the ASD and its chapters were started by generous water dowsers who got together and shared their love of dowsing. They helped people learn dowsing by teaching courses in water dowsing, and the organizations grew. Then part way through the 20th century, spiritual dowsing kicked in big time.

But people still learn dowsing the old way. Here's what I think: teaching someone to find one particular material item, water, is pretty straightforward. Mostly, you are going to be asking the same question with the same factors again and again. You will dowse the same way with the same tool each time. It's one thing you master and then do over and over the same way until you get good at it. (Granted, like any skill, that takes time and effort. But you have all the tools to become accurate.)

Spiritual dowsing is different. There are more subjects to dowse about than you can think of, and they require all kinds of different questions. They have unique pitfalls. The subjects are so deep and diverse, it takes a real Renaissance person to be a good spiritual dowser.

The bottom line is that incorporating dowsing into your life in a meaningful way isn't going to happen as long as dowsing is taught the way it's always been taught.

When Nigel and I realized what was going on, we threw out all our old courses and started over. We created dowsing courses that actually prepare people to be confident, accurate dowsers who use it regularly to make their lives better. And that means a whole new approach to teaching people how to learn dowsing.

We've had such amazing results with dowsing, we can't believe everyone isn't using it every day. But now that we understand better, we hope we can help shift that. You can learn dowsing the right way, and you can transform your life with dowsing.

What do you think about the way dowsing is taught? How did you learn it? What could have been better? Share your ideas in the comments section below.


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