Why You Don’t Dowse…


Written by Maggie Percy


That's Not For Me!

There seem to be a zillion people ‘interested' in dowsing. But not many of them appear to be dowsing, or dowsing often, or dowsing about anything that matters. Do you know why you don't dowse?

Maybe you've never thought about why you don't dowse. Possibly you think dowsing is just some fun woo-woo thing to play with. You entertain yourself or your friends with dowsing, but you don't use it on anything that could make your life better. Could be that nobody ever took the time to teach you how to dowse properly, so all you have is an idea that it's strange or psychic or somehow not for you.

You know there are people out there using dowsing to transform their lives into something amazing. But you don't dowse. Why not?

Why you don't dowse

Are you afraid of making mistakes? Don't be. That's part of the learning curve. Because dowsing is a natural ability, but there is a learning curve.

You see, dowsing isn't just about getting a yes or no answer. Maybe you got so excited the first time you used a pendulum, that you thought as long as the tool moved, you were dowsing. Not true! But because it's natural, it can be trained pretty easily.

Do you think only some people can dowse, and you aren't one of them? That's a misconception. Anyone can learn to dowse and dowse well.

Stop making excuses. You're missing out on the most transformational, empowering natural tool a person can use. Look around this site to see how much you can do with dowsing and learn how to dowse for free, and then get practicing. And share with us how it changes your life!

What's your view about dowsing? Did you ever think that it was only certain people who could do it? Let us know in the comments section below.


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