Dowse Your Entertainment

dowse your entertainment

Written by Maggie Percy


What Shall We Do Tonight?

Dowsing is perfect for the many small decisions you make daily that you can't rationally be sure about. One application we love is using dowsing when making choices about movies, books and other forms of entertainment.

  • Want to go to a movie, but aren't sure which you'd like best?
  • Standing in the library or cruising Amazon, are you wondering which book to get?
  • Want to do something fun this weekend, but can't make your mind up between a picnic and a play?

When you're stuck making ANY choice, dowsing extends your intelligence and helps you pick the perfect one.

Dowsing your entertainment? It's a simple process.

1. Be clear about your goals. Are you reading a book or going to a movie for mindless entertainment, or because you seek thought-provoking, high quality material? Do you mainly want to relax, or are you looking to feel uplifted or educated?

2. Sometimes you can't make a choice, because the choices are so similar. Dowse using a scale of 0 to 10 or +10 to -10 instead of just ‘yes' or ‘no'. (Not sure how? Search ‘scales' on our website for instructions.)

3. Get into a dowsing state and dowse.

4. Follow the answer you get.

5. Confirm your answer. Were your goals met?

6. Repeat.

Did you ever dowse your entertainment? Did it work out well for you? Or not? Share your stories in the comments section below

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