Dowsing and Empowerment: A Lie?

Written by Nigel Percy

Dowsing Is Many Things…

One of the most common things you hear some people say is that dowsing and empowerment go together.

Empowerment is stepping into your power, becoming the powerful person you can be. And that leads to freedom from restrictions that prevent self-growth and fulfilling your life's purpose. But does dowsing actually deliver on this grand promise of empowerment?

In other words, do dowsing and empowerment really deserve to go together?

While there are many different ways of looking at empowerment, the one I prefer most is that empowerment is the ability to think for yourself in new ways about anything.

That means no ideas go unchallenged, no preferences are assumed, no outcomes desired; only that you become more aware of yourself. That is empowering!

All of this sounds very grand and imposing, but, in reality, does it exist? Can it exist? The answer, for me anyway, is yes, I believe it can. And, further, I believe that we all have that ability and that dowsing can get us there.

Dowsing and empowerment: Too good to be true?


And it's a big ‘but', because although I firmly believe dowsing to be a wonderful tool for empowerment, too often it is merely another way of applying restrictions, of holding people back.

For example, when dowsing is taught, in most cases, the newcomers are shown how to hold a tool and told that they must ask questions which can be answered as ‘yes' or ‘no'. And then they get the rest of the indoctrination. You must ask permission, you should hold the tool this way, dowsing is for need not greed, follow this curriculum. Or things like face this direction, ask for help, don't let anyone else use your pendulum. Read what so-and-so tells you to do. Adopt this method. Don't do that.

On and on. The boundaries begin to grow and solidify until you fit the mold of an acceptable dowser. Like most education, it's just another indoctrination in dogma. You're taught rigid routines to put into place, and those routines become chains that keep you from growing.

No one is to blame for this. It's natural when teaching anything to present it as you would any subject in traditional education. Yet if you look at the real purpose of education as an institution, it isn't about teaching people to think for themselves. It's about teaching them to believe what you want them to believe, and to act as you would have them act in order to advance.

When dowsing is taught this way–and it's hard not to–you become indoctrinated to think a certain way about dowsing, not to question things.

That's not what dowsing and empowerment should be about!

But the beautiful part of dowsing, the center of it if you will, is its ability to draw you ever onward and inward on a unique personal journey for which there is no map. Everyone who has ever attended a dowsing class has already been dowsing, using their body, their mind, without ever knowing it. Giving it a name, helping them see it, makes it easier to use. Remember your excitement when you first learned dowsing? But for most people, they submit to the teacher and let the teacher tell them what to think about when dowsing.

If you are dowsing by rote and just following a procedure you've been taught, then, ok, you are dowsing, and empowerment is still on the sidelines.

Dowsing has the greatest potential of anything I have ever come across to discover yourself. And becoming aware of yourself; how and why you react, what is affecting you, is precious indeed. As I said at the beginning, it is the truest freedom of all, to question everything and anything. Are you doing this when dowsing? Is dowsing changing how you perceive reality and the world around you?

When you question (not frivolously or just out of a desire for conflict), you become conscious. You look at things in new ways. This makes it easier to shed patterns and perceptions that are not working. It makes it easier for you to transform from a caterpillar into a butterfly. All the walls are broken down, and anything goes.

But, how dowsing is generally taught does not encourage this. Instead of liberating the dowser, more often than not, the dowser gradually becomes confined in a web of well-meaning advice and techniques and approaches.

I think it's time to break free! If dowsing is about freedom, and freedom is about liberating yourself, then the truest dowsing is not that which forces you to accept a certain world view or follow rigid routines. Instead, the truest dowsing is that which causes you to question yourself in any way that works, using any technique, any tool. The most empowering thing about dowsing is that you can be liberated from the limiting perceptions that have burdened you in the past.

If your ultimate goal is liberating yourself from fear and oppression, to be truly free, how can you fail with dowsing on your side? But you won't achieve that linkup of dowsing and empowerment by rote dowsing.

Give yourself permission to question everything. And keep finding better ways of dowsing.

Do dowsing and empowerment go together for you? How and in what ways? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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