Dowsing and Intention

Written by Nigel Percy

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Why The Confusion Between Dowsing And Intention?

These are two different things which seem to make for a huge amount of confusion and misunderstanding, more than most any other aspects of dowsing.

Let's make things clear here between the two. Dowsing is a specific practice where the dowser gets into the properly receptive state of mind, asks a question, and then obtains the answer. The answer can come via a tool such as a pendulum, but a tool is not necessary. There are plenty of ways of receiving the answer without using any tool at all.

Intention is also something quite specific. If you ‘intend' something, you have an objective, a plan, in mind. ‘I intend to go shopping later today.' ‘I intend to beat him at chess this time.' Those are obvious examples. ‘I'm going to get fit and lose some weight this year' is also an intention, but rather a vague one, as there is no real time scale or definite targets set. But, nevertheless, there is an intention implied to actually do something.

To give you an example of this confusion, you might have come across someone, in a forum, on Facebook or elsewhere, saying that if you swing your pendulum one way it will clear energies, or do something else. The important part of it is where they say you have twirl your pendulum one way or another.

Well, that's not dowsing. It can appear as if it is dowsing, but it isn't. And here's why.

Firstly, just because someone happens to be holding a pendulum does not mean they are dowsing. A pendulum is any weighted object at the end of a material hanging from a fixed point which will allow it to move freely. That's what a pendulum is. A pendulum is not a dowsing pendulum automatically. A pendulum only becomes a dowsing pendulum when it is used to show a yes or no answer to a dowsing question. Therefore, if you are NOT asking a dowsing question and the pendulum is moving or twirling or whatever, there is no dowsing going on, there is simply the movement of the pendulum.

So, if someone is whirling a pendulum or other tool around and saying that by doing it in this direction, for example, they are removing energy, or replacing it, or doing something else, you now know that what you are witnessing is not dowsing. It is the use of intention instead. They are intending to change things. The pendulum is merely a handy way of focusing what they want to do and has, despite what you might hear, absolutely nothing to do with the process itself.

If you are ever confused by what someone has told you, or what they are demonstrating, just remember this: If they are wanting something to happen, or trying to make something happen, that is intention. If they are asking about something, that is dowsing.

Intention is doing something, dowsing is asking something. Keep those clear in your mind and you will find things suddenly become a lot clearer!

Happy Dowsing!

Does this explanation make sense to you? Or do you have further questions? Let us know how you feel about it in the comments section below.

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