Dowsing and Protection

Written by Nigel Percy

Dowsing and Protection

If you prefer to read about dowsing and protection, the transcript of the video is below.

Dowsing is so much fun that most people don't even think to ask if there are any dangers involved. Certain practices can be risky when dowsing, and in this video, I'll discuss how you can be safe while dowsing. But before we explore the dangers of dowsing, here's a reminder of what dowsing is.

Dowsing is a natural intuitive skill that allows you to get answers to questions your brain can't answer. Dowsing uses the native intelligence of your body to convey the answer to you, either through a dowsing tool or through body movement without a tool.

Why would you need protection when dowsing? When you dowse, you are venturing into the realm of invisible energies, whether you are evaluating a health problem, looking at environmental energies or asking a simple everyday question like which movie to rent tonight.

Remember how it feels to walk into a room just after there's been a big argument? It feels icky, doesn't it? Negative energies can have a detrimental effect on your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Sometimes you can sense negative energies, but much of the time, you won't be aware of them.

There can be unpleasant energies associated with whatever you are dowsing. Sometimes it is obvious you are at risk. If you are dowsing about someone's health problem, and that person has cancer or cancer energy, it is detrimental to you if your energy picks up or mingles with that noxious energy. It is common sense to protect yourself.

A less obvious example is if you are checking out the environmental energies at a location, and there is something very noxious, you can end up either taking it on or being affected by it. And you won't know for sure in advance how dangerous it is.

You might be dowsing about something you think is fun and harmless, but it's not. In a way, dowsing can be like taking a field trip or going on an exploratory jaunt. Your trip might be calm and take you only through lovely, safe areas that are fun to explore. On the other hand, you can find yourself walking through a jungle filled with disease and predators. You can't always tell in advance how safe it's going to be.

Another risk is that if your energetic boundaries are weak, which is true for most people, especially empathetic types, even energy that wouldn't harm someone else might weaken or harm you.

Protection is like putting on a kevlar vest if you are going to a place where bullets may fly. Energetic protection can take many forms. You can use crystals, prayer, color, angels and guides, symbols or just about anything to anchor your intention to stay safe while dowsing.

Use whatever method most resonates with you. Set your intention to be safe on all levels during your dowsing session; that you will not pick up any detrimental energies; that your boundaries will be strong. Anchor it with a specific crystal, color or symbol you have dowsed will protect you, or that you intuitively know is helpful. Or ask your angels and guides to help you with the goal of staying safe.

You can use dowsing to confirm that the method you put in place with intention is going to work for your dowsing session. Just ask if on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being best, if using ________(crystal, symbol, whatever) to anchor your intention of being safe during the entire dowsing session is a 10.

If it is, go ahead and dowse. If not, find a method that gives you a 10. If you cannot find a method that is a 10 for protection, do not dowse. That is a sign you cannot protect yourself enough. Learn when to dowse and when not to dowse.

Happy Dowsing!

Let us know your thoughts on dowsing and protection. Do you use it? What do you use? Why? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  1. Trevor Scott

    Hi, When looking for a high voltage cables using an electronic locating device for the Generating board in the main roads of Sheffield UK some years ago, we always worked in pairs. The person with the locator was so focused on the signal and where it was leading him, that he was in great danger of being run down by the traffic. The second person was responsible for the safety of the one who had the locator. This advice also applies to dowsers who likewise concentrate on what they are doing. As a fellow dowser, Stay safe out there!

    • Nigel Percy

      That’s a very nice analogy. Thanks!

  2. Alina Nastase

    Hi! I have started to practice dowsing a short while ago without knowing about protection. Since I founded out the first methods of thought protection I have started to use it. However, strange things started to happen in the house I was. I left there and came back to UK and these things seem to happen still. What can I do to repair this please?

    • Maggie Percy

      Don’t be afraid. Often, when we begin to open to intuition, strange things happen. I suggest that you go to our website and register for free as a member. You will then get an email giving you links to download four ebooks for free. Download “The Busy Person’s Guide to Energy Clearing” and use that to select a clearing method for entities and to do a simple space clearing. Your intention is what matters. Let me know how it goes. You may have an entity there or some noxious energy or an attachment, but all of these can be cleared using simple methods.


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