Dowsing and Vitamins

Written by Nigel Percy

Dowsing and Vitamins

The transcript of the video is below, if you prefer to read about dowsing and vitamins.

Dowsing about vitamins is one of the most common applications of health dowsing. But before going into details on how to dowse your vitamins, let me give you a quick reminder about what dowsing is: dowsing is a natural intuitive human skill that helps you get answers to questions your rational mind cannot answer.

Whether a particular supplement will deliver on your health goals is something your rational mind cannot tell you. Dowsing will save you time, money and effort.

To get good results with dowsing, you must be in a dowsing state when you ask your question. The dowsing state takes time to master; it is a curious, detached state. When health dowsing, you can find it very difficult to be detached about answers, but if you are not detached, your answers will probably be wrong. You cannot sidestep this requirement.

Another vital part of dowsing accuracy is asking a good question.

Most people will ask a vitamin question like: ‘Do I need vitamin C?' This is a bad dowsing question, in part because it is incomplete.

A better question would be one that includes who, what, where, when, how and why as appropriate. A more complete question is:

‘For my current health goals, will adding the X brand vitamin C at the recommended dosage for 90 days give me measurable improvement in my health?'

That question contains all the needed factors, but it's a long question to have to ask about every brand of vitamin C on the shelf at the store, so if you are perusing several or more brands, ask a question like this:

‘Are any of the brands of Vitamin C on this shelf an 8 or higher on a 0 to 10 scale (with 10 being best) for my health goals if taken at the recommended dosage for 90 days?'

Don't buy anything that doesn't rate an 8 or higher. You can find the best brand among the ones that test 8 or higher by asking what rating each one is.

I bet you've noticed that the best vitamins are pretty expensive, and you might be on a budget. So you don't want to waste time being told to buy something you cannot afford. By including that factor in your dowsing question, you avoid that problem. Ask this question if you are on a budget:

‘Are any of the brands of Vitamin C on this shelf that are within my budget to take for at least 90 days an 8 or higher on a 0 to 10 scale (with 10 being best) for my health goals when taken at the recommended dosage for 90 days?'

The more you think about ALL the factors that matter to you when choosing a supplement, the better your question will be. And don't forget that before you form a question, you must be clear what your goals are for taking this supplement.

Have fun, save money and be healthier with dowsing!

Happy Dowsing!

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  1. Alison

    Good advice. I spend a lot of money on supplements so I want the best for my money.

  2. Nigel Percy

    Thanks! Glad you found it useful. Dowsing is superb for this sort of thing.


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