Your Dowsing Brain

Written by Nigel Percy

What Is Your Brain Like?

Your dowsing brain, how you use it when you dowse, can have an effect on your dowsing.

Consider the following:

Have you ever thought that perhaps you were stupid?

Someone was telling you something or teaching you something and you realize half way through that you had no idea what was going on. It made no sense.

Well, it's happened enough to me, until I realized that my brain wasn't working the way the other person's was.

And I'm not talking about the left-brain right-brain difference or which is dominant for you. You can find more on that here.

Tell me a list of things to remember and, by the time you get to the end, I've forgotten the first ones. Talk to me about how I can make something, but leave the pictures out and you might as well be telling me in Urdu how to arrange flowers using Japanese examples.

My brain likes pictures. It likes flicking from one idea, through a link, an associated memory, to another idea. It doesn't like listening to just words and being expected to regurgitate them.

That's me. But what about you?

How does your dowsing brain work?

How do you react to listening as opposed to seeing? Actually touching and working with your hands as opposed to watching a video of the process? Or reciting from memory as opposed to thinking creatively about a specific subject?

We all have our own genius. We all have our own way of reacting to the world around us.

The trick is to realize that's what we are doing.

Therefore, it makes all the difference in the world to understand how your dowsing brain works. Making questions up is hard if you're not creative, but could be easier if you can see the question somehow quite clearly and then write it out.

Dowsing the question might be hard if you can't let your mind go dangle a while by itself, but might be easier if you can ‘see' a blackboard and allow the answer to appear there. It might be hard if you are not very tactile, not very aware of your physical body's small reactions. But it might be easier if you let yourself get the reaction a different way, like seeing a flash out of the corner of your eye, or getting a tingle in your hand.

Understanding your own genius, your own dowsing brain, is important. But, if you're going to get good at dowsing, it is even more so.

So, find your genius and celebrate it!

We all think differently. Brains work differently. People dowse differently. Their dowsing brains work differently. Just because you don't think like others, doesn't mean you are wrong or crazy. It's your genius. Embrace it!

How does your dosing brain work? Pictures, numbers, words? What is your strength and how does that affect how you dowse? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.


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