Dowsing Confidence vs. Dowsing Ego

Written by Maggie Percy

What's The Difference Between Ego & Confidence?

What's the difference between dowsing confidence and ego in dowsing? Confidence in most cases is based on experience and an accurate evaluation of your skills. Sometimes we lack self-confidence when we deserve to be confident. Other times, we might be overconfident. But by and large, confidence is based on accurately gauging your competence in a skill. With most dowsers I know, lack of confidence is a major stumbling block to mastery. They know they aren't masterful, so they lack confidence.

Since confidence in our performance of a skill like dowsing is based on experience, training and practice, the more training and practice you do, the better your confidence gets. This of course assumes you are training and practicing well. Finding a good mentor will help you with that.

Ego is false confidence, believing you are skilled at something when you are not. People get into ego when they are fearful of being judged or want to project a more favorable picture of their skill level than what is true. Most of the time, ego comes from overcompensating for a feeling of not being good enough. Often, it is because they won't commit to doing the work, but they want to be perceived as masterful dowsers.

I see people acting from ego in the spiritual community, bragging about what great healers they are or saying they are stupendous dowsers. If someone is constantly talking about how great they are or how accurate their dowsing is, they are coming from ego. Confident dowsers will tell you they make mistakes; egotistical dowsers will avoid admitting that.

Dowsing Confidence Is Good; Ego Is Bad

We all act out of ego now and then. It doesn't make you a bad person per se. It's just not a good habit. It won't endear you to anyone. People pull back when someone is acting from ego.

There's no need for ego. You can replace it with confidence. Build confidence by honing your skill. Pretty soon, you'll be just fine with assessing your level of competence in dowsing accurately.

Always keep learning and growing. No one is 100% accurate with dowsing. We aren't. You aren't. But you can hone your skill and become highly accurate if you are willing to practice. Confidence takes work, but it's worth it. You can become a dowsing ninja if you want to.

How confident a dowser are you? Why do you feel that way? Please share in the Comments section.


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  1. Dawn

    My son is suffering with terrible anxiety and lack of confidence, to the point where he can’t even attend a job interview. Is there any holistic treatment, or books which you could recommend? He is 18 years old. Thank you

    • Maggie Percy

      This is a health question rather than a dowsing question. I assume you are a dowser, or you wouldn’t be at this site. Health dowsing is a popular but challenging skill to learn. We have a book called “Dowsing For Health: Awaken Your Hidden Talent” that is a complete course for using dowsing to find ways to improve health. But you need to be a solid dowser in order to learn health dowsing. Health dowsing allows you to pick the best remedy or method and test side effects, etc. for your situation.

      Anxiety is a sign of misalignment energetically. It’s important to find the cause and resolve that. Fear can lead to a need to control in situations you cannot control, and thus you get anxiety. Releasing the fear and the need to control and learning to focus on what he wants to create and asking the Universe to send ways to help him are basic starting points. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a powerful tool in situations like this, and there are many practitioners, or you can learn to do it yourself. Good luck!


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