Slide Unleash your psychic ability... Empowerment Slide Find lost objects and pets... Awareness Slide Be your own health guru... Self-help Slide All with ongoing mentoring... Assistance (with Maggie and Nigel Percy) Slide So you can trust your answers! Accuracy

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What can dowsing do for you?

Fine… But What Else Can You Do With Dowsing?

In addition, you can

  • Explore past lives
  • Discover your life's purpose
  • Diagnose and repair your auras and chakras
  • Learn map dowsing
  • And much, much more… (hint: it's all in our course!)

The Discovering Dowsing Course is designed to guide you from beginner to advanced dowser in easy-to-follow steps.



I started out as a raw beginner who could not get a pendulum to even so much as hiccup, never mind give me a ‘yes' or a ‘no'. You did an awesome job with the lay-out and the progression of the steps of learning, the dowsing state, etc. in your Discovering Dowsing course. I bought a few more resources from you over the years, all of them exacting and on the button, but the Discovering Dowsing course is my go-to still to this day if I end up with a snag and need to go back to basics.

You can master dowsing!

Our course is practical and easy to follow and understand.

With our help, you learn to trust your answers.

You get TWO courses for the price of one:
Basic and Advanced Dowsing

Available EITHER as a thumbdrive

OR as a 4 disc set (3 DVD's and 1 CD)

Over 30 videos, each 10 minutes or less for ease of viewing

PDF study guides for each module

PDF's of exercises and bonus materials

  • Module 1: What Is Dowsing & Why Dowse?
  • Module 2: How To Dowse
  • Module 3: After You Get The Answer
  • Exercise 1: Finding Lost Objects
  • Exercise 2: Making Happy Choices
  • Exercise 3: Health Evaluation
  • Deviceless Dowsing Techniques
  • Excerpt from our book “101 Amazing Things You Can Do With Dowsing”
  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: How To Ask A Good Question
  • Module 3: Pitfalls, Dangers & Weird Stuff
  • Module 4: Protection
  • Module 5: Advanced Tools & Techniques
  • Module 6: Permission & Ethics
  • Module 7: Common Applications
  • Module 8: Resolving Confusion About Dowsing
  • Module 9: Summary
  • Happy & Healthy Begin With ?E?
    A pdf report compiling all the science on geopathic stress effects on health.
  • ‘EM Field Therapy'
    A pdf on how to maintain a healthy bioelectromagnetic field.

Buy Now For Only $97

The course is available in TWO formats:

Choose either the thumb drive or the disc set at checkout


Utah, USA

I will tell you that I have taken other courses and read many books and articles on the subject. Your materials are the best and most complete yet!!! Thank you!!!!

Also Included: Training For Mastery

30 Graduate Level Mini-Courses

Become a truly masterful dowser with these 30 trainings on popular applications of dowsing and advanced techniques (in pdf format and about 3000 words each).

Click on the tabs to see the range of applications covered in the graduate course materials.

Each training prepares you to master a specific dowsing application.

All of these materials are included in the low price of $97

  • Advanced Pendulum Techniques
  • Animal Communication
  • Archaeological Dowsing
  • Clearing The Energies Of Allergies
  • Dowsing & Invisible Beings
  • Dowsing & Food
  • Dowsing & Money
  • Dowsing & Pet Health
  • Dowsing & Plants 1
  • Dowsing & Plants 2
  • Dowsing Charts
  • Dowsing Earth Energies
  • Dowsing Ethics
  • Dowsing Major Life Choices
  • Dowsing On Site
  • Dowsing Past Lives
  • Dowsing The Aura
  • Dowsing The Chakras
  • Dowsing The Future
  • Dowsing The Subconscious
  • Dowsing The Perfect Gift
  • Dowsing To Help Animals
  • Finding Lost Objects
  • Health Dowsing: Evaluations
  • Health Dowsing: Diet, Nutrition, Fitness
  • Map Dowsing
  • Space Clearing 1
  • Space Clearing 2
  • Space Clearing 3
  • Water Dowsing
  • Whole Brain Dowsing Charts

Only $97



I was introduced to dowsing in 1994, but have never used it to the extent I realize from you that I can. So I am putting my new found knowledge into practice and dowsing on a much deeper level than ever before. The answers are amazingly correct using your teachings. Thank you so much!

The Most Qualified Teachers

We're Nigel and Maggie Percy of Sixth Sense Solutions and we've been using dowsing professionally since 2000

Our online Dowsing World Summits (2012-2014) were attended by thousands of enthusiasts around the world

We are the authors of over 20 books on dowsing and related subjects



I have been using dowsing for years, however, the accuracy and the areas for using it widen so much since I met you both. The way you teach and explain makes the dowsing a real art. Quite an eye opener!! Since I have joined you the accuracy of the answers is unbelievable high.

This is simply the best dowsing course for your money

Packed full of features and content, it's so much better and more affordable than any other online course or a traditional workshop

Discovering Dowsing Course

Choose your format: Disc (3 DVDs and 1 CD) or Thumb Drive

Only $97

We supply ongoing help. Just write our support address at any time.

Go at your own pace, because you get to keep the course forever.

As teachers, we're the best in the business.

For all levels of experience.

The materials were once sold separately for over $350.

A great investment.

Only $97

Got Questions? Read The FAQs

Is the Discovering Dowsing Course right for me?

It doesn't matter if you are a total newbie or have been dowsing for years, the Discovering Dowsing Course has everything you need to take your dowsing to the highest level.

Our dowsing course will teach you the fundamentals, go on to advanced content, and then show you how to use dowsing in different ways to make your life better.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can use Paypal or any major credit card

What do I get for my money?

The Discovering Dowsing Complete Course includes the Basic Dowsing Course and the Advanced Dowsing Course. Together they comprise of 36 videos, a pdf study guide for each video and all the bonus materials listed on this page.

If you choose the disc version: You will receive 3 DVDs containing video trainings in Basic and Advanced Dowsing. You also get one CD that contains pdf study guides for each training module, plus over 30 mini-trainings on dowsing applications and advanced techniques. The 4-disc course is packaged in a plastic multi-DVD container.

If you choose the USB thumb drive: All the materials described above are on one thumb drive that goes into any USB port on your computer. The thumb drive is packaged in the same plastic container as the disc version.

Is the course available in other formats?

Sorry, but we currently do not offer the Discovering Dowsing Complete Course as a download or in any online version. The only available options are the Disc set or Thumb Drive.

Will the course work on smartphones?

We have not tested this course on smartphones of any type, so we advise you NOT to buy it exclusively for smartphone use. A computer or other similar device with a USB port or disc player is best. Bear in mind that to print the pdfs, you need a connection to a printer. Please contact us before purchasing if you have any questions.

What if I live outside the US?

The Discovering Dowsing Course is available to international customers.

For the disc version: The formatting will allow it to work in your computer's DVD and CD player. If you wish to view the course on a DVD player like you use for movies with your TV, it will probably work, as long as your DVD player is a recent model, but we can only guarantee it will work on your computer's DVD player.

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