Dowsing and Enlightenment

Written by Nigel Percy

One With Everything!

Dowsing and enlightenment? Is this possible? Yes and no. Is being a dowser the same thing as being enlightened? Absolutely not.

We live in the instant age. Take a photo or movie of your cat or your dinner or your backyard and upload it. Within minutes, it's available to millions of people.

Bored with what you're watching? Press a button to switch channels, or shut it off.

Want to know what solar flares are and how they appear and disappear? The internet will give you instant answers, by the thousands.

Any issue, any problem, any idea, you can discover it, explain it, download the answer, print it out and move on.

It's all so quick and easy.

Except it's not!

Enlightenment? Oh yeah! We got you covered! 20 different ways of getting there and this is what it feels like when you have it and these are the things you should avoid and these are the things you have to do.

Except, that's not enlightenment. That's only a road map to an uncertain place and an uncertain time.

You have to actually travel, do the stuff, yourself.

Dowsing and enlightenment – no shortcuts!

Dowsing can give you the answers, but to understand them, you have to work at it.

Dowsing can give you new views of the world and your place in it. But you still have to accept that viewpoint, that new vantage point, and methodically bring it into your life. You have to give it meaning.

Dowsing gives you instant answers to everything! But that doesn't mean you actually understand them, bone deep in you. You have to live them, be them, become them.

Knowledge is power, goes the saying. But that's not true here. Knowledge is just the gateway you have to open before you can step through and live it.

You can access all the knowledge in the world and not change one thing in your life.

Dowsing gives you that access, but it will not change your life unless you commit to understanding what it is you've uncovered.

Do the words ‘dowsing' and ‘enlightenment' go together? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.


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