Is Dowsing Fake or Real?


Written by Nigel Percy


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Is Dowsing Fake?

For the people who ask this question, they are also interested in questions like, does dowsing really work and variations on that such as does pendulum dowsing really work and does dowsing for water really work?

Asking these sorts of questions is either done by those who are genuinely interested in learning more about dowsing for themselves (perhaps they've seen someone dowsing ), or it's asked by those who think that dowsing is fake.

No matter your reason for asking such questions, this video will, hopefully, be able to provide an answer for you.

To give a useful answer, it's best to start first with what is meant by asking if it's real or does it work? The unspoken assumption behind the use of those words is that the dowser is, somehow, tricking the observer.

Now, I can't answer for everyone who dowses, or who says they dowse, but I can speak for those dowsers who are practiced at this natural human skill.

The tool moves because the dowser moves it. Without the dowser, the rod or the pendulum or whatever tool is being used, would not move by itself. In fact, you don't need a tool to dowse with and that's when the dowser uses some body response as an answer to the question being asked.

Having said that the dowser moves the tool, most people will say that, in that case, it's obviously fake and dowsing is not real and cannot work. But, what few people will ask is why the tool moves in the dowser's hands in the first place.

We all have bodily reactions over which we have little or no control. Hairs on our arms standing up in fear or in the cold. Our pupils dilate or contract depending on what we are looking at. These and many more are examples of the ways in which our bodies are not always under our total control.

In much the same way, a dowser will have an involuntary response as a way of indicating an answer to the question being asked. And, remember that dowsing is simply a way of getting answers to questions your brain can't answer.

This involuntary response is called the ideomotor response and is often assumed to be the reason for the dowsing tool to move. People who have dowsed for water for the very first time are often amazed at how the tool will turn in their hands even when they are actively trying to stop it.

Another way of looking at this skill and deciding whether it is real or fake is to consider how many people have used it to advantage throughout history and across the globe. Just because a few people have tried to dupe people does not in any way invalidate this skill, just as a few people who have taken drugs in sport have not invalidated the skill of those who have not taken drugs. The skill remains and it is real, it does work and it is very far from being fake.

What are your thoughts about dowsing being fake or real? Share them in the comments section below.


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  1. Rafeeq Ahmed

    Dousing does work. It’s real and genuine. I don’t have any doubt as to its validity and credibility.
    I have tried several times to ask the rods to give me a yes or a no response. And each time they responded though at times it was slow. In the YES response. After that I asked them to locate water which both did. Amazingly when the rods crossed to indicate water and as I moved forward it would go towards the No response. But when I reversed and came back to the same spot it would cross again. So it works thanks.


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