Dowsing For Baby Gender

dowsing for baby gender

Written by Nigel Percy


Dowsing The Sex Of An Unborn Child

Dowsing For Baby Gender

If you'd prefer to read, the transcript of the video is below.

This use of dowsing, along with using it to find water or minerals, ranks amongst the oldest uses of this natural, intuitive skill.

The idea is that dangling a pendulum over a pregnant woman will show the sex of the unborn child depending on which way the pendulum moves.

The original method of doing this was to tie some hair of the woman to the wedding ring and then hold it suspended over her belly. If the woman's hair was not long enough, then cotton thread could be used instead. In fact, it could even be a needle and thread, or pretty much anything which was light and could be held easily and allow the weight at the end to move.

If we expand the idea of baby gender a little, then we can include the idea of sexing baby chicks using this method. The ability to sort out the sex of a chick at an early age – and the earlier the better! – Is important if the chicken breeder is not going to have too many roosters and too few hens.

Some of the people who use a pendulum to dowse for the gender of the chick go so far as to say that they can do this over the egg, before it hatches.

Again, there is no one type of pendulum which is best. Something simple to make and light to hold is all that counts here.

But, of course, the real question is, how do you know which sex is which by the way the pendulum moves?

There is no real consensus here about babies. But, if we take into account the people who sex chicks, then there is general agreement. They say that if the pendulum moves in a circle, that indicates a female. If it moves in a line, up and down, then that indicates that it is a male.

If that is generally true for those people, then it is fair to assume the exact same thing for human babies as well.

The key point here, however, is that, if you are going to be the one doing the sexing of the baby, then you need to be able to be focused on the task at hand.

You need to decide in advance which direction of the pendulum will indicate which sex. Once that's clear in your head, then don't hold the pendulum and keep on chatting or listening to what others are saying. Allow the pendulum to move in a neutral swing, that is, showing neither the ‘male' nor the ‘female' movement but something in between, as you keep focused on the question. Dowsing is a natural, intuitive skill that everyone can do. And, by keeping your emotions out of it, not wanting the child to be a boy or a girl, or even think about what the parents might say or how they might react when you tell them, you will be far more accurate than getting involved in the emotions of the situation.

Happy Dowsing!

Have you dowsed for baby gender? Were you successful? What tool or tools did you use? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


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