Dowsing For Beginners

Written by Nigel Percy

Dowsing For Beginners

There are two ways of looking at this subject. One is to give simple, clear instructions on how to dowse using a pendulum, as that is the popular tool most closely associated with dowsing. So it would really be about pendulum dowsing for beginners.

The other way would be to look at dowsing from a wider perspective and help any beginners gain a better understanding of what this skill is really about instead of focusing on the tool or tools.

It might even be possible to put the two together. Let's see!

Firstly, dowsing is a simple, natural human skill whereby you can get answers to questions which your brain cannot answer. When you see someone dowsing for water, they are getting an answer to a question about where to drill for water.

Without a good, precise question, any dowser will not get a good, precise answer. Forming a good, precise question takes some practice and we have another video about that you can watch.

Secondly, and this is really important, you have to be in the right state of mind to ‘get' the answer. By that, I mean a calm, unemotional, detached state where you don't care what the answer is, just that you are curious about what it is.

Those are the two most important things to remember.

Notice that there has been no mention of any tool such as a pendulum. The reason for that is, you don't actually need a tool in order to dowse at all. As it's a natural human skill, then your body is the best tool to use. If you are using a pendulum, if you are pendulum dowsing that is, then you should understand that the pendulum moves because it is your body, your arm and hand, which are making it move. The pendulum just exaggerates the movement. But you don't need it.

Dowsing for beginners often becomes way too complicated and reliant upon tools and yes/no questions, making it seem so simple that anyone can learn to dowse inside ten minutes. But here's something important you should know, if you are just starting out dowsing with a pendulum and it's rarely acknowledged. But it's important enough to emphasize right now.


Dowsing is simple, without a doubt. But, and it's a big, important ‘but', just because something is simple does not make it easy. Take tennis. Hitting a ball with a racket is simple. Hitting it hard, over a net, with spin or slice, to land in a very precise area time after time, is not easy. Yet, the same principle is involved, that of hitting a ball with a racket. Tennis is simple, but not easy.

The same thing applies to dowsing. Asking a question and getting an answer sound simple. But doing those things right consistently is not easy. Dowsing for beginners looks easy, but it requires practice to make it actually become easy. And the reason for that is that dowsing is a skill. And skills require practice.

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