Dowsing For Healing

dowsing for healing

Written by Nigel Percy


A Case Of Confusion

Dowsing for healing can cause a great deal of confusion amongst both dowsers and non-dowsers. The reason for that is that people aren't clear about the difference between dowsing and intention. It's necessary to make that very clear.

So what IS dowsing for healing?

Dowsing for healing is a very specific thing. It is about using dowsing to gain information which will be of help in your healing.

Notice what I did there? I didn't make any mention at all about how you can heal someone using dowsing. And the reason for that is because you can't do it.

And I don't mean you are incapable of doing it. Not at all! You may be a wonderfully capable healer. But I can guarantee you that you can't heal anyone of anything using dowsing. You can't use dowsing for healing.

You can certainly use intention to heal, and that's what many people do. But where the confusion arises is that when they do that, a lot of them will be swinging a pendulum around and using it to indicate when the session (or whatever) is finished, ended, completed or whatever is appropriate.

But, and here's the important point, just because a pendulum is moving does not mean that any dowsing is going on.

Having said that, however, you can certainly use dowsing for healing, if, as I said earlier, you use it to gain information which will help you on your healing journey. Remember, dowsing is just about asking questions and getting answers. It's nothing more than that.

Once that is clear, then obviously you're not going to go around healing anybody or anything just by waving your pendulum over them and wishing it were so. The ‘wishing it were so' is intention, and that is not healing.

So, if you have heard of someone using dowsing for healing, you are probably hearing about someone who is confused about what dowsing is for and what you can do with it.

What do you think about this confusion about dowsing for healing? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below


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  1. Jay the dowser

    I think it is you that is confused!
    You state:Dowsing for healing is a very specific thing. It is about using dowsing to gain information which will be of help in your healing.
    And then you state:You can certainly use intention to heal, and that’s what many people do.
    And then: obviously you’re not going to go around healing anybody or anything just by waving your pendulum over them and wishing it were so. The ?wishing it were so’ is intention, and that is not healing.
    1) “Wishing it were so” is formulating intent which you say can and then cannot be used for healing.
    2) Dowsing is used WITH various holistic healing modalities, not AS healing. When ‘using dowsing for healing’ is advertised, it does NOT say Using dowsing AS healing, a subtle difference.
    I think you need to look again at your article. It is not too clear.

    • Nigel Percy

      Thanks for taking the time to read the article closely and for your comments.
      Whilst I agree in general with what you say, you should also take into account the style or ‘voice’ of the article which is clearly meant to imply that a casual attitude toward having someone heal is not the same as focused intention.
      Too many dowsers that I have come across don’t even take the time to focus, and simply assume that the spinning pendulum itself is sufficient to bring about healing. I doubt if some of them even get so far as to wish something. They simply spin and watch and keep themselves out of it.
      Thanks again!

    • Payal Mittal

      True….very good answer @ jay the dowser….I also agree with ur answer…

  2. Phyllis J Brockman

    I’m not sure I want to ‘join’ the discussion. I’ve never done dowsing before but have invested in resonance cards and am learning how to use them (I think). I realize/accept that the person receiving the energy is the healer and I would be simply a facilitator. However I don’t want to use anything with the consent of anybody that might appear to be hocus pocus. I purchased the cards primarily to continue a healing practice on myself but family members have expressed an interest. In my years of spiritual seeking (and they are many) I have come to understand that prayer is intent by another name. I figured this out while reading Stephen Hawking’s book, A Brief History of Time. “Wishing It Were So” doesn’t seem to fit the definition of either intent or prayer. “Wishing” implies that it isn’t so now and the wisher has doubts that it will be so. Any prayer or intent must be positive and permeated with positive emotion and the end desired result must be given thanks for even if the appearance is that it’s not so. Needless to say your article AND Jay the Dowser have confused me somewhat about dowsing. Before I opened your website I imagined waving a forked branch over myself. As a young woman of child-bearing age we used the pendulum method to determine the gender of our unborn fetuses. I did believe that was hocus pocus at the time but since reading more about the Sacred Geometry and electromagnetism I see it had potential. Thanks a bunch for your patience. pjb

    • Nigel Percy

      I apologize for any confusion you feel. (And don’t feel you have to be part of the discussion after this.) I had hoped that the article itself was enough, but I had to respond to what Jay had written. I am firmly of the conviction that dowsing is very simple. But simple does not mean easy. It takes practice to become skilled. Now, the confusion arises in this instance because of the role of intent as opposed to dowsing. You are correct that wishing is as you stated it and that’s why I wrote it as I did, because it seemed to me that saying such a thing really wasn’t putting any intention into it: as you say!
      So, really, if you just carry on and use dowsing as a way of finding answers to questions the rational mind cannot answer then please, please continue, because that, to me, is the singular point of dowsing. Anything which is not in that definition is, again to me, not dowsing and can safely be ignored.
      I do hope that has helped clear any confusion :-)

  3. todd Alpert

    I dowse for Healing , Your web site is wrong you can heal with the energy of the Dowse L Rod if you want more info contact me so you can rewrite what you dont understand to be true

    • Nigel Percy

      I stand by my post. Unless and until you can provide evidence to the contrary, i shall maintain my position.

      • M Horton

        Todd did a healing session on me last night online and I was in severe pain and could not walk. Today I am free of pain and walking. I am so amazed that I wanted to learn more on how to heal with dowsing so google brought me here. I am your proof that it works!

        • Nigel Percy

          I am pleased you have gained some relief from your pain. I am also pleased that you wish to explore dowsing further. However, as I have pointed out repeatedly, dowsing itself is simply asking questions about things your rational mind cannot answer. It is not a healing technique. The only way it could be considered a healing technique is if the whole definition of dowsing was to be changed to accommodate that specific thing. And, as you might have guessed, I am not willing to consider changing the definition of something which has been accepted for many hundreds of years as being about asking questions and getting answers. To say that dowsing is healing is, quite simply, wrong. Enjoy your health and enjoy learning to dowse.

    • Maggie Percy

      It’s very sad that in the last twenty or so years, much misinformation about dowsing has been spread by those who are ignorant about what dowsing is. Healing can be done with anything, since intention is what does the healing. Pendulum healing is a very new healing technique that supposedly uses the energy of the pendulum to heal. Of course, it is using the intention of the person holding the pendulum. The important truth is that healing of any kind is not dowsing. Many things can be done with a pendulum, and yet, they are not dowsing. Hypnotism is not dowsing, for example. If you are using a dowsing tool to heal, you are not dowsing; you are healing. And the two are vastly different.

      • Todd Alpert

        im leaving a reply here Maggie Percy , I have my dowsing L rod here in my hand an Reading what you have posted here , my Dowsing Rods disagree with your statements …. Dowsing is a tool the finds what is lost an what may/can be found through this simple idea you use the Rod or pendulum , An the method most use mind to device to the ground , well how about Mind to device to the mind an search what is lost an may/can be found an in this method its called … energy which inverts out into wellbeing which in turns inverts to feeling good which in some form or another has the sensation of being ….. The H word , that we cant say because it is reserved for Doctors. Now if you dont believe in this than yes it wont work it takes faith an belief to feel the power of the dowse Again ask your L Rod not science not your intuition not your heart , Faith in the answer you receive from the rods

        • Maggie Percy

          My reply was in no way arguing against the ability to heal, nor was I meaning that healing can only take place using certain methods. Any method can heal, because your intention is what is powering the healing, that, and the allowing of the healee. I am not saying that no one could ever heal using a pendulum or L-rod. While there is no long history of such methods, pendulum healing is a new method that is gaining some adherents. I have never heard anyone use an L-rod for healing, but I am not arguing that you cannot do that.

          What I am saying, and please hear this, is that dowsing is not a healing method. You can use a pendulum to dowse, to hypnotize and possibly even to heal. They are three different things that happen to use a pendulum. Only asking questions is dowsing. Hypnotism is not dowsing. Healing is not dowsing. So, if you are healing using a pendulum or L-rod, and you get great results, congratulations. But for heaven’s sake, don’t call it dowsing, as it is healing, not dowsing. When you use the L-rods to get answers like where to dig for water, that is dowsing.

          Finally, please try to avoid the mistake of acting like L-rods or pendulums are some kind of magic wand or conscious being. The tool does NOT give you the answer. It amplifies your body’s response. You are getting the answer yourself through your own intuition. No advanced beings are involved and you can get even better accuracy without a tool, so it is important that you watch what you say and not act like the tool gives you answers, as that is incorrect and disempowering. It is a tool, like a speedometer, that tells you what speed you are moving at, but the speedometer has nothing to do with why or how you are moving the car.

          We all need to be very clear in how we talk about dowsing. Your comment, I am sure, means something to you. You are clear about it, but no one else would easily understand what you are trying to say (including me), because you are using very unusual words and terms that mean little or nothing to anyone but you. If you want to share something in writing, you need to use words we all understand and agree to their meanings. This is a major part of what is wrong with dowsing. Vague and meaningless words and phrases, misunderstood terms and faulty beliefs have diluted the message of dowsing and confused it beyond measure. We hope that people who care about dowsing will be willing to try and use a shared vocabulary and define terms in agreed upon ways, so that dowsing may begin to recover.

  4. Ina

    You?re absolutely correct… but you can find out what is wrong and get infos what needs to be healed. I know you can combine dowsing and reiki which is really powerful. Me I am master in visuallazing and shown what needs to heal only working through intentions and visualizing the energy flow plus reiki and dowsing is for me just to confirm. I?m working close to the source. That?s my gift.
    Good article ?
    Light and love

    • Nigel Percy

      Thanks for your comment. As you say, you can get information via dowsing and you can use it to confirm what you’re doing.

  5. Chase

    Heard about it in the secret life of plants book

  6. Dee White

    Thank you, Nigel, for your clarity and steadfastness. The placebo effect — using the power of the mind — can be very strong, so folks talking of how they healed may well have done so by calling forth the placebo effect in the patient. Or perhaps there are other powers at play. But I think the concept of dowsing has gotten everyone crazy (talking people I have met myself) with thinking they have all kinds of magical power from a pendulum. I dowse — started out with rods, just for our water line. Dowsing calls upon my mind, as I understand it, to tell me what the bigger me already knows — where the water line is. But it doesn’t put water there, or clear a water blockage.

    • Nigel Percy

      Thanks. I like the way you explain things as well. :-)

  7. Law Janet

    I was taught pendulum dowsing 40years ago and was told it was an ancient craft.
    I has made a huge difference to my OWN health.

    This is the method I was taught:-

    * only use an item, that you have worn next to your skin asa dowse.
    * whilst sitting – hold it over your left leg, note the reaction then over right.
    * take the left reaction to mean negative and right positive
    * by dowsing food and drink any possible intolerances will be indicated by the swing of the pendulum as positive or negative reaction.

    I have several intolerances and dowsing can show accurately whether I should partake or avoid!

    I have recommended many other people use this method, for themselves.

    My total faith in personal dowsing has lead me to interact with my dowser.

    To use these methods on someone else, would seem improper to me.

    I have found the above statements and comments really interesting , thank you

    • Maggie Percy

      It’s wonderful to hear that you have used dowsing to identify foods to avoid. This is one of many things you can do with dowsing. We hope you will use the many articles and videos on this site to expand what you use dowsing for and to refine your technique. There are some basic steps required to assure accuracy, and we explain them on this site. We look forward to hearing your comments and answering questions as you go through the site.


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