Dowsing for Treasure

dowsing for treasure

Written by Nigel Percy


Just Let Me Find That Hidden Gold!

Dowsing for treasure is just one of the ways in which this simple skill can be used. It's a very tempting thing to do. After all, dowsing can show you things that are hidden from normal sight, so why not go ahead and use it to discover some hidden treasure. Because there does seem to be quite a lot of hidden treasure when you start looking into the subject. Some of it's quite recent, but some can be very old indeed. And all of it can be very valuable. What's not to like about dowsing for treasure?

Dowsing for treasure? Consider this…

However, it's important to point out that when you are treasure dowsing, you might well be facing some problems you hadn't even thought of. One of these is the fact that, quite frequently, when treasure, of whatever sort, is hidden away, or buried, it is usually done so with the idea that it should not be found by anyone else. This is one of the reasons why treasure is often hard to find.

Of course, that is not always the case. For example, a dowser named J M Longton used dowsing very successfully to find a Viking treasure hoard valued in the tens of thousands of pounds sterling.

Like any other aspect of dowsing, dowsing for treasure requires practice and is not something you can do from the very beginning. Just because dowsing is a simple skill does not mean that it is easy. Simple does not equal easy!

But this video does give you a nice introduction to the idea.

Have you dowsed for treasure successfully? Or was it all a disappointment? Share your tales with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Aj Lopes

    Hello my name is Aj , and i am having alot of trouble dowsing in a certain area where the pendulum shows me a positive but after i do the hard work of excaviting 3mters and this last hole was 5 meters and nothing , i have been digging for quite some time (3 years) on 6th hole now . Then suddenly i read something that you mentioned about thought forms and other people leaving negative impressions, and i think thats what im faced with because there was a group here on this place im hunting for that tried and found nothing , so i think this is why im getting all these false positives.Its here thats a fact because its my great grandfathers buried gold coin cache, Can you please maybe direct me in the direction so as to clear or remove this impersions or thought forms that are leading me to all these false positives. Or maybe i should be doing something in a proper way or maybe things i shold not be doing in my process of excavating? thank you in advance Aj.


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