Dowsing and Gratitude


Written by Maggie Percy


The Attitude Of Gratitude

How do dowsing and gratitude go together? What does gratitude have to do with dowsing? You've heard a lot about how gratitude affects your life. That feeling of gratitude is a way of manifesting more abundance and positive outcomes. Well, the same attitude helps with your dowsing. Dowsing and gratitude, as it turns out, go hand in hand.

Depending on how you've been taught, or who taught you, you might not have heard of something called ‘the dowsing state'. It's a very important thing to cultivate. But, too often, dowsers are not told about it.

It's necessary to be in a ‘dowsing state' to get good dowsing answers. The dowsing state is easier to experience than to describe. It takes practice to learn how to do that. It's a sort of detachment from the world while being very focused on the question. One way to practice is to focus on what you feel grateful for. Expand that feeling of peace and joy. Notice how open and nonjudgmental you feel.

When you are feeling grateful, your monkey mind takes a break. That helps you get into a dowsing state. And that helps you get accurate answers.

The link between dowsing and gratitude

You may have heard that dowsing accuracy also depends on detachment. If you have strong emotions like fear or have attachments to a particular answer, you won't be accurate. Gratitude puts you in a space of not only peace, but openness to whatever comes. You are naturally more detached when you are feeling grateful, because you can't be fearful and grateful at the same time.

Gratitude can make your life better in many ways. And it can help you become a better dowser. And that's really the secret as to how dowsing and gratitude go together. One enhances the other, and both really need to be present for successful and accurate dowsing.

Do dowsing and gratitude make sense to you? Let us in on your thoughts in the comments section below.


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