Dowsing and Healing

Written by Nigel Percy

Confusion All Round!

Dowsing and healing seem to go together a lot in peoples' minds. Hands up all those who have heard (or used) a phrase similar to the following: “I used my pendulum to remove the issue/problem/energy/whatever”. It's a fairly commonly used phrase.

And it's completely wrong.

The only connection between a dowsing tool and doing anything like healing is the person holding the tool. Doesn't matter what tool it is; a gold-plated zirconium diamond-studded L-rod or a fishing weight on the end of a piece of string. It doesn't matter. I guarantee that if you laid that tool down beside someone who was ill, it wouldn't do a thing.

And that means that it's not the tool. It's the person holding it. Nothing else.

Dowsing and healing are not the same thing.

Dowsing and healing is really a simple idea

I don't know why this is such a confusing point in dowsing. But it's really very plain and very simple. The healing (of whatever type or design or method or whatever) is down to the person, not the tool. Dowsing and healing are two different things.

First you have the tool. A tool is simply an indicator. It is nothing else. It shows reactions, your reactions, to whatever it is you are focusing on. Yes/No, This way/That way, Here/There and so on.

But holding the tool is a person. And that's where the power lies! That's where the real stuff is happening. A tool doesn't do it; the person holding the tool does it, and the tool might show when it's finished, or whatever. But it doesn't do it by itself.

If you want a quick and easy explanation about this whole subject, take a quick look at this short video about dowsing and healing.

I don't know why this confusion exists, but I can guess. First reason is sloppy thinking or sloppy talking, or even worse, sloppy teaching! Confusing the reaction of the tool with the intention.

Second reason is that it's way too scary to admit to ourselves that we are actually capable of doing anything amazing. Far easier and more comforting to give credit to a tool in our hands than the focus in our heads.

It's easier to be powerless than powerful.

But that's hiding from who we are. And that is easy. The hard part is accepting who we are.

And you thought dowsing was just about dangling a pendulum!

Dowsing and healing are two different things. But you might not agree. Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. Kelsey J Duncan

    Hi Nigel and Maggie. First of all, I would like to tell you that your link for this section does not work. It says that the video is not available. For many years I have been using energy to heal and relieve pain and stress of my family and friends. I thought I was using a form of Reiki and Chi-gung that I had put together to get required results. It always worked without me knowing that I was using Hand Dowsing for Healing. I have never received any money for my ability and I think it is about time I did. About one year ago, I thought I had lost my power, until not long ago a person was talking about drilling for water on his property and I said that I had done it a few times with good results. So I am now looking to enlarge my abilities. I find your web-site very informative and you seem to be about the only person that really knows what it is all about. Plain and simple, Energy.

    • Maggie Percy

      Thanks for letting us know the link was broken. I have repaired it.

      Any energy healing method (in my opinion) is using the same ‘energy’ to affect healing. And any healing is always self-healing. Sometimes our process needs a kick start, but it’s important to remember that healers aren’t healing anything; they are merely facilitating the body’s amazing ability to heal itself.

      All dowsing methods, with tools or not, are just ways of getting answers to questions. When you ask about what’s wrong or how to fix it, dowsing is a great skill to have. However, dowsing is not an energy healing or transformation method. Reiki, chi gong, or simple intention are ways of doing that.

      We’re glad you are enjoying our site. You can use the Search feature to find specific topics. Once you decide you want to master the skill of dowsing, get our Discovering Dowsing course for a deeper dive. We look forward to your comments on this site.


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