Dowsing Instruments

Written by Nigel Percy

So Much Choice!

There is a wide variety of dowsing instruments. Beginners can often be confused with the options available to them. But, really, it all boils down to one thing, as this video demonstrates…

Dowsing Instruments

There are all sorts of dowsing instruments you can buy or make. They cost from really very little (as in make them yourself) to very expensive (as in precious and semi-precious stones). In fact, you can use pretty much anything as a dowsing tool.

Dowsing tools come in all shapes and sizes. From a wedding ring on a chain, to keys on a string, a nut on a piece of dental floss or even a garden gnome on a rope! You can even use a postcard and hold it so that it flexes one way or another to show answers. Rods, branches, bent metal, or no tools at all, just your body.

The variety is endless!

Dowsing equipment, no matter what sort, works in the same way. It responds to very small muscle movements usually in your hands and arms.

This movement is known as the ideomotor effect and is, in part, the reason why some people complain that dowsing is fake. Their argument is that, since the dowser is moving the dowsing instrument, it is all fake. What they don't look into is why the movement takes place to begin with.

No matter what the dowsing instrument is, whether it is a pendulum, a bobber or an L-rod, it responds to small movements.

The more finely balanced the tool is, the easier and quicker it will respond to that ideomotor effect. To begin with, new dowsers tend to find it a little more difficult to get the tool moving quickly and easily than older, more experienced dowsers.

Dowsing is a skill. That means that the more you practice, the easier it gets. And the more you get used to using a dowsing instrument, the easier it will be for you to dowse. So, make or buy your own dowsing equipment and get practicing!

Why not find out more about how you can become a dowser and about the various dowsing instruments?

What is your favorite dowsing instrument? Has the choice changed over time? Why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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