Dowsing, Invisible Energy And You

invisible energy

Written by Nigel Percy


We're All In It

Invisible energy is always around us. In fact, you are at the mercy of the invisible, and most of the time you will not ever know it!

Consider the following…

Dowsing is just one way of showing that the human body is a very sensitive instrument. The merest invisible twitch of a couple of small muscles happen and the pendulum swings or the rod moves. Although we are holding it, we aren't aware of that happening, even though we are looking for it to occur!

But there are other things which happen to us and which can and do affect us.

For example, for patients who bleed a lot, or have problems with stopping bleeding, a whopping 82% of them had problems between the first and last phases of the moon, peaking at the full moon. Why?

In England, 200 years ago, there was a legal difference between those who were classed as insane (that is, chronically psychotic) and those who were lunatic (susceptible to the phases of the moon). The lunatics were dealt with more leniently.

As for the sun? it affects our blood; lymphocytes decreasing during solar explosions, albumin in blood serum dropping during eclipses and during major sunspot activity. It also has an influence on our safety: more accidents occur on the days following an eclipse. There are more admissions to psychiatric hospitals at such times as well. Again, why?

We are more likely to respond better to cancer treatments when they are applied in the evening, melatonin production is sensitive to blue light and our hormones, brain waves and emotional responses can be triggered by extremely low-frequency sounds, such as those put out by the earth before earthquakes. Again….

In addition, we can even have our morals adjusted by something as small as a tiny magnetic field applied to a part of the brain for just 500 milliseconds.

There are plenty of studies that show just how we are unconsciously affected by what seem to be the smallest of influences; incredibly weak forces of nature.

Invisible energy and us

So what does all this mean?

It means three things.

  1. We are incredibly sensitive pieces of machinery which, however much we might like to at times, cannot be switched off.
  2. We are constantly being affected.and that's just by things which science can currently measure.
  3. We don't know how much we are being affected when we dowse, especially when we are dowsing in the natural environment.

What does it mean for you and me?

It means we really can't say for certain exactly what it is we are dowsing at times and that we should be aware of that, always.

It also means that, sometimes, we might not be as accurate as we might wish to be…. because of the invisible.

Finally, it means that it is crazy to assume that we know everything.

All we can say is that we probably don't know half of what we think we know and that any ideas we have about how dowsing works are probably wrong and very likely very wrong.

I suppose it boils down to the fact that humility might be the best tool a dowser can acquire.

What are your thoughts on the invisible energy around us and how it might be affecting us and our dowsing? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. Kelsey J Duncan

    I call myself an “ELEMENTALIST” a person who practices “ELEMENTALISM”, The study and use of “Elemental Energy”. Elemental Energy is the energy that is in Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Stars, Moons, Suns and Self. Now that I have been unable to work because of Spinal Degeneration Disease , I am again using the energy to Divine and Dowse with. Tell if I am wrong, but I thought that Dowsing was just that. Using the energy inside us and around us to find out things.

    • Nigel Percy

      Information is certainly available to us all in various forms all the time. How we choose to access it, interpret it and use it seems to be a personal thing. Dowsing is certainly one way of doing that. You might be interested in our book The Nature Of Intuition which does go into this idea in far more depth.


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