Dowsing and Living Consciously

Written by Maggie Percy

What Is It All About?

Is this actually reasonable; dowsing and living consciously? Or is it inevitable?

We are all guilty at times of living un-consciously. We prefer to act without explaining our reasoning. If truth be told, we don't have reasons in most cases for the actions we take.

We do things because:

  • That's how we've always done them
  • That's how we were taught to do them
  • Everyone else (whom we admire) does it that way

In other words, we don't have any personal reason for taking a particular action. We follow the crowd: the religious, political or cultural group we want to be a part of.

That's why so many people get embarrassed, upset or afraid when asked to explain or defend their beliefs. There is nothing behind them.

So how does dowsing and living consciously work?

Where does this fit with dowsing? Dowsing gives you a chance to stop ‘sheepwalking', as Seth Godin calls it. When you become a dowser, it is an opportunity. You can either dowse without thinking, or you can begin to question everything.

If you choose the latter, you will begin to see how much of your life has been un-conscious. Things may fall apart, but that's ok. You will begin to see the conditioning of society in new ways. And you will begin to form your own sense of ethics and what is appropriate for you. It won't always be what you've been told. But for perhaps the first time, you will be able to defend your choices, because you have thought them through.

This whole process of ‘awakening' includes questioning everything and making conscious choices based on what you feel is appropriate for you, which means NOT just accepting some authority's opinion and making it yours.

Use dowsing as an opportunity to explore your goals, your feelings, your beliefs. Don't be afraid to be different. It is a way to become truly authentic, and although it is a long and sometimes challenging process, the end result is harmony and happiness.


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