Hollywood Gets It Right: Watch This Dowsing Movie!

A great movie for dowsers

Written by Maggie Percy


We love a movie we stumbled on some years back. It's perfect for dowsers and spiritual seekers. It's called “Interstate 60”, and it's filled with imagery and situations that will resonate with you. Big hint: the 8-ball represents dowsing (or any type of intuitive method). We don't know of any other movie we'd call a dowsing movie.

Chris Cooper, Kurt Russell, Gary Oldman, Ann-Margret, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd–the cast is amazing. It's off-beat. But then, most dowsers are off-beat, too.

It's very supportive of people finding their passion and following it, no matter what. It encourages you to follow your heart, in spite of what others expect or want of you.

Is This a Dowsing Movie?

The word dowsing is never mentioned. But the 8 ball sure looks like a dowsing tool. And the hero certainly faces some challenges in finding his passion and following it.

Watch the movie by googling the title and ‘free' or take it out at the library or your neighborhood rental place. Let us know below what you thought of it.

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