Dowsing Past Lives

Dowsing Past Lives

Written by Maggie Percy

Why Dowse Past Lives?

It's More Than Entertainment!

Dowsing past lives is lots of fun and can even be used to improve your life in measurable ways. It's basically time travel! With dowsing, you can find out details of other lifetimes you have lived. And while this is fun, it is also a tool for healing.

Think about all the people who do past life regressions and past life therapy. A search online will yield many links to people offering such services, but even if you feel you can afford it, why not do it yourself? Dowsing gives you that power!

While it's fun to find out about past lives, an experienced spiritual seeker knows that past lives (future and parallel lives, too) can also affect your current life experience. It is possible to activate connections to past lives, which is not a good thing. This can be done in many ways, most often if you experience something in this life that triggers a ‘memory' of a past life and activates energies and issues from that life.

Past Lives Matter

Anything traumatic that happens in a past life can have very negative consequences in this life. If you have any unexplained fears or phobias, you may have a past life issue affecting you.

Do you have allergies? Maybe a past life is the cause. An example is if a lion killed you in a past life, you may be allergic to cats in this one. Or if you lost everything due to problems with your dairy farm, you may be allergic to dairy products in this life (as I once was).

Finding out about past life traumas and disconnecting from those lives can lead to complete healing (when done properly). Read this post to find out how to dowse past lives. The results can be nothing short of miraculous. Let me tell you a few true stories.

Amazing True Stories: Allergies

I was allergic to dairy my whole life until my late 40s when I became interested in dowsing. In a class on health dowsing, our teacher used SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) as the healing method. SRT employs lots of dowsing charts to get information about a condition, then uses intention and sometimes the energy of symbols to transform the energy and heal.

In a 15-minute demonstration for the class (for which I had volunteered on the spot), the teacher cured my dairy allergy. I went home and tested it by eating a bowl of ice cream. That night, instead of two hours of pain in the middle of the night, I slept just fine.

After that experience, I offered Nigel a gift treatment for his cheese allergy. He was then living in the UK; I was in Arizona. I hired the teacher to do a session, and bless his heart, Nigel tested his allergy afterwards. It was totally gone! Twenty years later, it still is gone. When you have an allergy that causes you to vomit if you even ingest the tiniest bit of something, you will understand how amazed Nigel was. And this was done long distance with no contact at all.

Since 2000, we spent many years honing our dowsing skills. After being certified in SRT and using it for some years, we tried other methods and eventually hit on a very simple way of accomplishing the same results without SRT as such. We include the full technique on this page.

We had some spectacular successes. One client had her wheat allergy disappear, while another had a very serious allergy to shrimp get healed, allowing him to eat shrimp without danger. The point is that past lives do affect you in this lifetime.

Amazing True Stories: Unexplained Pain

But dowsing past lives isn't just about allergies. Past life trauma can cause you physical pain and suffering in this life.

One client came to us with a troubling pain in her shoulder and arm that had come out of nowhere. She was 65 and in good health, and doctors had no explanation for her symptoms. So she asked us to check it out. On questioning her, we found that the symptoms arrived right after her 65th birthday.

Dowsing revealed that in another life to which she was currently connected, she had been injured in a duel at age 65 (she was a man in that life), and her current pain reflected the site of the injury. After applying healing in the way dowsing suggested, we were pleased to hear her symptoms went away, never to return.

The Uses Are Infinite

Do you have trouble saving money? Is your business floundering no matter what you do? Are relationships always a challenge for you? Past lives could be the problem.

We aren't saying all problems are caused by past lives. They are not. But a good dowser who wants to improve her life can dowse whether past lives are a root cause and how much of an effect they are having. Then she can dowse to find out how to fix things.

Pitfalls: Accuracy

Before you grab your pendulum to start dowsing about past lives, it is important to know that as with all dowsing applications, there are things to consider that will affect your success. And there are some things that can be dangerous.

First, since dowsing past lives is intangible target dowsing, meaning you can't prove your dowsing is correct, it is absolutely vital that you be an accurate dowser. Otherwise, you can be misled or just get the answers you want. Like playing with a ouija board.

Accuracy is critical when you are using dowsing in practical ways to improve your life, as opposed to just having some entertainment. Not only should you take a very good course (our Discovering Dowsing Course is the best); practice is very important for honing your skill. Like any skill, dowsing has a learning curve. You must invest some time and effort to become good at it. But the good news is that just about anyone can do that.

Pitfalls: Dangerous Energetic Connections

As mentioned earlier, past lives are not meant to be energetically connected to your current life. If a connection is activated, it's like an open phone line that allows any and all energies to come through, affecting you in this life. You can't filter what you get.

We feel it is not only dangerous, but ignorant, for someone to tell you that you should tap into a past life to somehow take talents or skills or power from that life. The basic assumption of doing that is that you were cheated in this life of what you need to succeed. We believe you always have what you need to succeed, and that activating connections to other lives can do more harm than good.

Experienced dowsers know that playing in the ether, the astral realm or among advanced beings is like playing on the train track or the interstate. You must educate yourself so you can avoid dangers. We have written a book on this subject, called Dowsing Pitfalls & Protection. We advise you to read this book. It may be bought separately as an ebook or in all formats as Volume 3 of The Practical Pendulum Series. Visit Sixth Sense Books for details. Take care of yourself when you are dowsing.

Use Your Head!

The final warning is that if you are dowsing about a dangerous allergy, do not assume that what you have done is a cure. You have only attempted to clear the energy of that allergy, and since you are new to this, you may need to do more work. Don't ‘test' a healing. Still exercise caution, but with optimism that unplanned exposures won't have a negative effect on you anymore.

These warnings are meant to guide you not to take on something above your level of competence, so that you can succeed and enjoy using dowsing to improve your life.

If you are a professional and want to help clients, there are other caveats, but hopefully you are aware of the ethical and legal challenges involved with helping others. Please make sure what you do is legal and ethical.

Best Practices for Dowsing Past Lives

Dowsing has many applications, and each one has its own set of challenges, pitfalls and learning curve. We have found that most dowsers never master more than one or two applications due to the time required for mastery. You will be drawn to the area of dowsing that will most help you and be the most rewarding in other ways. For us, dowsing for personal growth, health and environmental energies are our specialties. For you, it may be different ones.

Fortunately, our Discovering Dowsing course has not only Basic and Advanced Dowsing modules, but 30 post-graduate level trainings in various applications. One of the 30 is about dowsing past lives. In order to give you a chance to sample the incredible scope and value of our course, we have included the entire training on dowsing past lives on this page. We hope this sneak peek allows you to see how much you can learn in our course, and you may ask questions on that page.

Have you found that past lives influence you now? If so, how?

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  1. Sherryl

    I’ve read both this one and How To Dowse Past Lives and they are both very interesting. I’m going to read How To Dowse Past Lives a few more times to make sure I understand it before dowsing any past lives.

    • Maggie Percy

      We’re glad you’re enjoying this training. Have fun with it!


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