Dowsing Plants To Get Them Growing Better!

Written by Nigel Percy

Dowsing Plants? Why?

Dowsing plants, done well, will reveal a great deal about them which otherwise would be difficult or impossible to know. The video below will show you how.

Although we all know that plants are living things, you will discover a great more about them if you approach them using dowsing. Their energy will surprise you, as the video below will show you.

In a very real sense, dowsing plants is actually engaging in a form of communication with them. Yes, you really will be talking to your plants!

And, of course, once you start talking, you can discover a whole range of information which you never had access to before.

Find out what they want!

One of the easiest things to do is use dowsing to check their energy fields. This is not only fun, but incredibly helpful in your gardening efforts. You do really need to know if they are healthy, or if they are on the decline.

Plus, we all know that plants want food and water, but how much? That you can discover through dowsing. And let's not forget that, once you know how to ask good questions, you can go into much more detail. For example, you can find out if a plant is actually in the right place. Is it comfortable and happy being next to its neighbor or would it like to move?

Does it need more light? More nitrogen? More potassium? Which music does it prefer and for how long?

The questions can go on and on when dowsing plants, each one giving you more information to help you have the healthiest, happiest plants around!

Watch the brief video below to get you started.

Then be sure to add your comments below and share what you discovered about your favorite plant.

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  1. Horace Birgh

    Thank you, Nigel! I’ve been tossing around in my head some ideas for communicating with my collection of plants, and for better growing. I know the general needs of all the plants I grow, but hadn’t figured out how to identify the special cultural needs of any one plant. The same care for all different types of plants simply isn’t working. Your video has given me a point of departure to explore the unique requirements of each plant. The happier my plants are, the happier I am.

    Thanx, again, Nigel–excellent video!

    • Nigel Percy

      Glad you liked it, and happy to know that it helped you in some fashion!

  2. Bill

    I have recently had wonderful results using my palm chakras to energize my plants.

    • Nigel Percy

      Good to hear.

  3. Amy

    Is if true that a good visual indicator of fault lines or negative energy vortexes can be observed where spiky plants grow outside?

    • Nigel Percy

      That is not something I have come across before. I tend to doubt it because there are plenty of spiky plants in the desert, so as a general rule it doesn’t seem to make sense. There are many indicators of different energies. I think we have them listed in our book on Space Clearing Beyond Feng Shui which you can see at Sixth Sense Books


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