Is Dowsing a Psychic Power?

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Written by Nigel Percy


The Best Answer…

Sometime, somewhere, a person will ask whether dowsing is a psychic power. My answer usually will begin with, ‘It depends'.

Hardly a great answer, but a truthful one.

I hope, if you've been reading this blog or poked around on the site, that you will have come to realize that we believe that dowsing is a really very simple skill.

But, if you go stirring the term ‘psychic' into what's here, then things start changing. For a start, the word ‘psychic' means different things to different people. It can mean (amongst other things);

  • Being able to tell the future
  • Having a special skill which not many others have
  • Dressing in strange clothes and/or speaking strange words like Akashic records or karma or spirit guides
  • Seeing auras and ghosts
  • Speaking with the dead

Which, if you are aware, have nothing to do with the basic skill of dowsing.

The ‘Psychic power' of Yes and No

However! It is true to say that, with dowsing you can get involved in those areas I've just listed, but you don't have to. In fact, many dowsers never go near them.

But, if instead of saying what it is you can do with dowsing, you speak instead of HOW you dowse, then the answer changes a little.

Psychics get their answers from somewhere, although nobody actually knows for sure. Exactly the same for dowsers. They get their answers from somewhere and nobody actually knows for sure about them, either.

So, in a way, it does depend on what you think being psychic means and what dowsing allows you to do. In some cases, dowsing will be a psychic power. In others, there is no difference at all and the term, therefore, means nothing.

So, like I said, is dowsing a psychic power? It depends.

Do you think dowsing is a psychic power? Share your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

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