Dowsing The Aura

Written by Nigel Percy

Dowsing The Aura

One of the neat ways you can use dowsing is to explore the aura.

In case you're not entirely sure of what I'm referring to, then think of the aura as the invisible, ever-changing energetic body which surrounds you and which, to some people, is visible. It is where your physical body and the energy of the universe meet.

Dowsing the aura can be achieved in a few different ways, depending on what it is you have in mind.

First, and simplest, is finding out far your aura actually reaches. This is easier to do with two people, but it is perfectly possible to do it by yourself. I'll describe it for two people first and then show how you can do yourself.

The person whose aura is being measured sits or stands in a place with some space around them. The dowser then, when in the dowsing state, asks to see the nearest boundary layer of the aura in front of them. The reason for this is that, to begin with, you have no idea whether you are standing within the aura of not, and, as an aura has several layers, it is easiest to focus on the one in front of you. With your tool or however you choose to dowse, move slowly forward until you get a reaction. Mark that point on the ground.

Now the fun part!

Ask the person to think something sad. Repeat the process starting from the same point as before. Mark the point where the reaction occurred. There is probably going to be a difference in the location of the two marks.

Now ask the person to think happy thoughts and repeat the process. The mark this time will probably again be in a different location. I'm not going to tell much more than that. It's more fun for you to find out when you are dowsing the aura yourself.

What if you have nobody to do this for you? Don't worry! Stand in the middle of a room and ask the same question about the nearest boundary layer, but this time you're going to ask for the reaction when that layer meets the wall. So start walking slowly and mark the point on the ground where you got the reaction.

You can do exactly the same exercises as before, only this time you're using the wall as the reference point.

The second way of dowsing the aura is more complex and involves finding where there might be damage. You want a nice, clean, healthy aura, but everyday living can create holes and tears in it. The simplest way of examining the aura for this detail is to dowse over an outline of the human body and carefully check for damage by using a pointer to find where it might be.

If that sounds confusing, then think of it as map dowsing, Only the map this time is of you and the location is where the aura is not complete.

Try dowsing your aura using one of the methods here and share your results in the comments section below.


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  1. Sherryl

    I just finished reading Dowsing The Aura. I know what an aura is but how do I tell if I have one and what color it is? There is no one in town that can see or what ever they do. Would using dowsing help? If so, how?

    • Nigel Percy

      First, if you’re alive, you have an aura. As to the color, it changes a lot from moment to moment. If you look for images on Google about auras, you will see that there is no one predominant color, but colors which shade one into another over the body.
      I would suggest buying a book on the aura and see what it says, as it is a complex thing. Dowsing certainly can help in that it can provide you with information about the colors and the locations as well as the size of the aura, which, as the article above points out, can be increased or decreased by what you do, say or think, as well as by what’s happening around you. However, in order for dowsing to be most helpful to you, you would need to have some questions to ask about your aura which can be answered either yes or no.
      Do let me know of your progress!

      • Sherryl

        I will. Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve asked, I’ve been busy since asking and haven’t done much about it. I’ll find a basic book about auras and do some studying.

        • RA

          Suggest looking for author C W Leadbeater, who presents very detailed information.

  2. DougA

    I have dowsed my aura via mirror , reflection

    • Nigel Percy

      It’s a good way of doing that when you don’t have a partner.


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