Dowsing the Chakras

Written by Nigel Percy

Dowsing The Chakras

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Before going any further, let's be clear about what we mean about chakras. Then we'll move on to pendulums and chakras.

Chakra is a word from the ancient Sanskrit language which roughly translates as ‘wheel' or ‘disk'. It might help to think of these as the places where the invisible or energetic aspect of your body meets with the visible, physical body itself, allowing a flow of energy to move through you.

There are considered to be seven major chakras forming a line down the body. But there are also many minor ones as well. For example, the hand has chakras, in the palm and also on the tips of the fingers.

In this video, we'll be looking at the hand chakras and how you can use a pendulum to check on them. However, you can use the exact same principles on the seven major ones as well.

One thing should be made clear, however, and that is that no matter what pendulum you use, no matter how it is described, it will not clean up or alter any chakra at all. Any alteration to a chakra comes only through your focus, your intent or any number of environmental or emotional factors acting on you.

If you recall that the word ‘chakra' translates as ‘wheel', then, in order to be operating properly and effectively, the chakra should be open and able to spin. This is what can be checked using a pendulum.

In this case, you are not asking a question with a yes/no answer, but are using the pendulum to show you how a specific chakra is at that time.

To begin, hold the pendulum as you would normally, but have one fingertip of your opposite hand underneath it. Focus on wanting to see what the energy flow of that chakra is like and expect the pendulum to move in response to that focus.

For most people, the pendulum will describe a circle, clockwise or anti-clockwise. The width of the circle and the vigor or lack of it in the movement will tell you how strongly or weakly that particular chakra is spinning at that time.

Once you have a response over the first finger, try the next and repeat the process. Often you will find that different fingers will have different directions of spin.

Also, you can try the pendulum over the palm chakra, which is usually much more vigorous than the fingertips. Remember that chakras are in constant motion and will vary in how open they are at different times and under different conditions.

This is not the place to go into what any particular response might mean, but, by doing this exercise regularly over several days, you will get a good idea of the general activity of your chakras.

Once you have the idea about your finger and hand chakras, then you can also check your seven main chakras simply by asking to be shown the energy of each chakra, one at a time.

From there you can begin to explore the many, many sites which speak of chakras and what they do.

Have you explored your hand chakras? What did you find? Did they all spin the same way? What else did you notice? Share your experiences or thoughts in the comments section below.


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  1. nella bokman

    Thank you !

  2. Nigel Percy

    You’re welcome!

  3. Anita

    Thank you! What is your take on the location and number of our chakras changing at the moment? I am wondering if it might be appropriate to check how far that process is along in the individual we are dowsing.

    • Nigel Percy

      I have never heard of it and I’m a tad skeptical about it in that the chakras have been in the same place for a long, long time. Having said that, however, feel free to point me at some information and I’ll be better placed to give a more reasoned answer.

  4. Debbie B

    I have just started using my pendulum and i asked the basic questions like is my name is debbie, it spins clockwise everytime, I then say is my name tim, it stops instantly and swings side ways, I ask if my name is debbie and she spins clockwise instantly, does that mean yes and know it is only swing those two movements so far. Also when I had her above my palm i felt this circular energy type feeling in my palm it followed my pendulums pace with it it was an unbelievable feeling of goodness, is this experienced by most i would imagine? What does that mean in spiritual terms?

    • Nigel Percy

      The movements certainly sound like your basic yes and no. And they seem swift and clear, which is always a help. Try other questions, like where you were born or which food you are allergic to.
      As for the palm and the feelings you got there, that’s a fairly common reaction. The palm chakra is often quite sensitive and the pendulum reacts well to it. The chakras are, as you read, places of energy exchange in the body. If you read the post on hand chakras, you’ll get some more ideas.


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