Dowsing Tool Myths Will Lead You Astray

bust dowsing tool myths

Written by Maggie Percy

Why Care About Dowsing Tool Myths?

If you fall prey to dowsing tool myths, you will probably never master dowsing, because they are red herrings that can confuse and frustrate you. Let's bust one myth that is very prevalent: the belief that the tool–your pendulum–is what does the dowsing.

This belief is reflected in people's words: “My pendulum told me_____.” Or: “I can't dowse, because I don't have my pendulum.”

We don't want you to succumb to dowsing tool myths, especially one that says there is magic or power in a dowsing pendulum. That is a very disempowering belief. A pendulum is merely a tool, oftentimes a crutch like a pair of training wheels on a bike. It is not required for dowsing, and we encourage you to learn deviceless dowsing methods and use them regularly.

We have seen this myth of the tool having all the power in other skills. Many years ago, I had a photograph in an exposition, and someone commented, “You must have a really good camera” because they liked the photo. Yeah. The camera goes out and takes pictures by itself. The most expensive tool in the hands of a novice won't yield great results. The same is true for your pendulum. You are the power!

Dowsing Does Not Require A Tool

Some people confuse dowsing with pendulum healing or the use of intention to transform energy. Pendulums are used for many skills besides dowsing. When you are dowsing with a pendulum, you are simply asking questions and getting answers. If you are hypnotizing someone or healing someone using a pendulum, that is totally different from dowsing.

In the case of hypnosis, the pendulum is still a tool–it does not cause the trance in your subject. In pendulum healing, it is believed that somehow the frequency of the pendulum helps send healing energy to the recipient. That is also using it as a tool, but in that case, the tool does have unique properties that make it required for the healing to occur. In other words, you can't do pendulum healing without a pendulum, but you can dowse without one. See the difference?

So now you understand that your dowsing tool is simply a tool, something that makes it easier for you to recognize the ‘yes' or ‘no' response you get when dowsing. It amplifies your body's response so you can more easily see it. You won't fall prey to dowsing tool myths that say you need a pendulum to dowse, or that it has power of any kind.

Go Beyond A Tool

We encourage you to learn a few deviceless dowsing techniques so that you can dowse anytime, anywhere. A benefit of deviceless dowsing is you will learn to recognize your body's response quicker, plus you will be open to getting other information beyond a yes/no when you dowse, because you aren't as focused on a tool.

If you're new to dowsing, enjoy the articles, videos and recordings on this site or our Discovering Dowsing You Tube Channel. They are brief and loaded with useful information for dowsers.

Do you use a deviceless technique? What's your favorite? And how have you found that deviceless dowsing empowers you as a dowser?


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