Dowsing Tools From Divining Mind

Below are a few of our favorites from Divining Mind. Some things to bear in mind when choosing your dowsing tools:

  • The tool just amplifies your body's response to the dowsing question. It doesn't matter what tool you use.
  • You can make your own dowsing tools easily. But it's fun to have a pretty tool, and most dowsers have several for different purposes.
  • Chart dowsing is easier if your pendulum has a pointed end.
  • Rods or bobbers are more stable than a pendulum when dowsing outdoors
  • When using a pendulum for healing, that is called pendulum healing, not dowsing. Some of the descriptions indicate these pendulums are good for pendulum healing as well as dowsing.

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Karnak Pendulum

Karnak Brass Pendulum


Isis Pendulum

Isis Brass Pendulum


Mer-Isis Pendulum

Mer-Isis Brass Pendulum


Joe Smith Bobber

Joe Smith style Bobber


The only style we know of that is flexible and easy to carry.


Prices subject to change.

We do not warranty these products, but we own pendulums and bobbers like these and have found them to be useful and well-made.

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