Dowsing Y Rods


Written by Nigel Percy


Dowsing with Y-Rods

Y-rods are a very old type of dowsing tool. One of the earliest pictures of someone dowsing shows them using this type of y-shaped dowsing rod.

It takes its name, obviously, from the shape. When such tools were more popular than they are today, they would be cut fresh from a tree or bush on site. After a few days, the wood would dry out and the rod would crack or split, so having a fresh rod was essential.

This type of rod was used mostly in water dowsing, or water witching as it's sometimes known, although that first picture was showing its use for dowsing for metal ores.

Various dowsers have proclaimed that certain types of wood work better than others. Some dowsers have even said that the rod should be cut at certain times of the month. The truth is that, if you look at what successful dowsers have used, there is a huge variety of woods mentioned and the time of the month, the phase of the moon or time of day are disregarded. All those dowsers were looking for was a tool they could cut and use straight away while it was still supple.

The length of the rod is very much down to personal preference. Some people use a shorter length than others. Some use a very long length indeed.

Modern dowsers tend not to use fresh cut rods so much. Instead there are plenty of rods made out of a variety of materials which do not decay, dry out or snap easily. These tend to be of metal or plastic usually.

No matter what material the rod is made of, how it is used remains basically the same. The most usual method of holding the Y-rod is to have the hands palm up. I have seen it being held palms down, but, to me at least, it's a more difficult method. TheY- rod works because of the amount of tension it is being held under. If you simply held it out in front of you by the ends, it probably wouldn't do a thing for you. But, held under tension, the rod can move up or down very easily. In fact, if you're not careful, you can get a nasty smack in the mouth from a longer rod while you are learning!

As with any type of dowsing, you have to have a specific and precise question in mind when using the rod. Being held in such a way as to apply pressure to the limbs of the rod, the pointed end of it will either flick up or down to indicate the answer to the question. For some people, a ‘yes' response is an upward flick, for others, that's what they get for a ‘no' response. You have to find out what it is for you.

A Y-rod, no matter whether it is a forked stick or a modern metal version, is good for indicating location, as in water dowsing, or direction; turning slowly until you get a response.

Happy Dowsing!

Do you dowse regularly with Y-rods? What are they made of? Any tips you can add to this? Let us know in the comments section below


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