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Written by Nigel Percy

I Think I Know What It Is…

Dowsing is something which many people have heard of but not everyone knows really what it is…

This short video will help introduce dowsing to you.


What is dowsing?

The first thing to realize is that dowsing is really simple to do. Extremely simple, in fact. And it's something everyone can do, naturally. You don't need special tools, but you can use them if you want.

You don't need to believe in anything weird, although you might end up believing in some strange things, but that's up to you.

But, although it's a really simple thing, and really easy to do, it's not so simple to describe it. It makes so much more sense to actually do the dowsing than talk about it, because, all of a sudden, you just ‘get it'!

But let me give it a try.

Dowsing is….

Dowsing is like focusing your intuition. You will have had a moment when you suddenly knew something, but didn't know how you knew it. Things like knowing who's calling you before you answer the phone. Or, knowing which way to go in a strange place. Things like that.

Well, dowsing takes that ability we all have and makes it far more useful. Instead of waiting to get an intuitive ‘hit', dowsing allows you to ask precise questions about, well, about anything at all. And then you get the answer.

That's what makes it simple. You ask a question and you get an answer. That's easy. But doing it is a little more involved. Not much, but it's still a really simple thing to do. And it's something that anyone can do. Anyone at all.

It's part of what it means to be human! So why not join the growing dowsing tribe around the world and check out how to dowse and a whole lot more.

When did you start dowsing? What got you going and what did you think of it at first? We'd love to know, so why not share your thoughts in the comments section below?

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  1. Prakash K

    Started dowsing two weeks ago.
    It was nice to get answered yes/no accurately from the dowsing my friend did, but somehow I thought it might be rigged but then she handed over to me and told why don’t you try yourself.

    And I got absolutely accurate answers (even to those which only I knew … sort of scary … so also understood that nothing is hidden in the universe … hehe) and the same answers were repeated no matter how many times I asked and no matter how differently I asked them.

    Since then I am hooked.

    • Nigel Percy

      Lovely story! Thanks for sharing it. Nothing can beat that first moment when you actually realize that something new and strange is happening. I hope you never lose that excitement.


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