The ‘DUH!’ Moment


Written by Nigel Percy

Stirring My Tea…

A recent ‘duh!' moment for me was as follows…I was making a cup of tea with a tea bag. It's one of those with a string and tag attached. As I poured the water in, so the bag swirled around and the tag got pulled in.

A small thing, but annoying.

It happened for a long time. Every time I made myself a cup of tea, this kept happening to me, and I kept trying to find new ways of pouring the water in without disturbing the bag. Sometimes, I was successful. Sometimes I wasn't.

Then, I had an epiphany! A moment of pure joy. A Duh! moment. I realized I was right-handed! That's all it took to change my tea-making forever. Once I realized that, I also realized that I couldn't hold the tag easily if I draped it over the right side of the mug. But I could if I draped it over the left. Then, I could still pour the water AND I could hold the tag! Being right-handed, I naturally draped the tag over the right side.

Yes. I know. You would have spotted that long ago. Just like you would have spotted the fact that we hand-washed the coffee carafe for months because it wouldn't fit into the dishwasher. Duh! But the dishwasher rack has two sides. The only side we tried it on was higher. The other side, the one we didn't try for months, was easily big enough to fit it.


The Duh! moments are what count. They are the moments when, all of a sudden, you see something in a new way. Or you suddenly realize that you CAN do something you thought was impossible.

Just as in dowsing, you can suddenly realize that you can dowse in a new way, or ask a question you never thought you could. Duh! In that moment, your world changes, even if only in just a small way.

But you will never get that moment of enlightenment and awakening and realization if you never keep your mind open to going Duh!.

Be prepared to be surprised!

Have you ever had a ‘Duh!' moment in your dowsing? What was it? Please share your experience with others in the comments section below.


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